Well ! It was really only a matter of time before the care free singer let it all hang out and last night was that night! Rihanna, who is owning up to her good girl gone bad title, had no phucks given as she was out there strutting her stuff during Paris Fashion Week. While earlier in the day brought a very nice olive green leather dress and a quick outfit change to a pleasant fur shawl, it’s apparent that the freaks surely do come out at night (what, what, what). Being a brave girl and doing her thing, Rihanna went ahead and gave attendees of the Balmain after-party a firsthand view at her twins – and no, I’m ain’t talkin’ bout #dembabies. Opting to show up in a black fishnet top paired with a black leather skirt, the Bajan beauty seemed to be pretty comfortable in her now controversial ensemble. Which leads us to our next question: Do you consider her choice to bare it all as “high fashion” or just plain unnecessary? With artists being more open about their sexuality these days and baring more bum than usual, what’s the difference in showing a little nip? If you think about what outfits most of the women in the industry are now wearing, they are very revealing. Side-boob and deep cleavage showing tops and dresses have become more popularized in their choice of attire now more than ever. So, is there a difference in just saying “phuck” it and letting the girls hang out? I mean they need air too, right? This “fashion” statement – or lack thereof in some’s opinion – will surely keep Rihanna at the center of conversation. Interestingly enough, it was just announced that she will be playing a lead character in the DreamWorks animated film, Home, which will hit theaters in November of this year. Will this bare all stunt have any effect on her future projects? Only time will tell. Who needs those bra things anyway? No worries, RiRi – there are many women who would’ve done the same thing. Boobie shake all day, baby! Take a look at a few of the shots from her and the “girls” night out in Paris below and hit the comments with your thoughts!



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