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After endless ‘Carter V’ delays, Lil Wayne feels imprisoned by his mentor and his label of nearly 20 years—so how is he rhyming about it? Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, reportedly his final album, has been delayed nearly nine months since its original May 5, 2014 release date. Some heated, bleak Weezy tweets in December pinned the never-ending lag on Cash Money Records, Wayne’s home for nearly 20 years. Cash Money co CEO and cofounder Bryan “Birdman” Williams was also ID’d in Wayne’s tweets-extra uncomfortable when you consider the fact that Birdman played father figure to Wayne since the kid was 13, even costarring with Tunechi on the two-album Like Father Like Son series. Enter Sorry 4 The Wait 2, a brand new 17-song, 70-minute holdover mixtape packed with all the Lil Wayne staples. (The first Sorry 4 The Wait dropped in 2011, when Tha Carter IV was delayed multiple times.) You’ve got guest stars like Drake, 2 Chainz, and Christina Milian. You’ve got a buffet of blindingly explicit sex-raps. You’ve got Weezy going in on beats like Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type,” Future’s “Sh!t,” and OG Maco’s piano banger “You Guessed It.” But most striking are the jabs, uppercuts, and vicious haymakers Weezy throws at Cash Money Records. Soooo many of them, especially on the Sorry 4 the Wait 2 opener “Coco” (Originally by O.T. Genasis). And now (I’m sorry for the wait), here come the 15 most ferocious lyrics about Wayne’s newfound distaste for his longtime label. Weezy will keep his Young Money imprint running, with or without Cash Money. So Drake and Nicki Minaj have nothing to worry about.

1. From “You Guessed It”
My CMB days are dead, I ain’t worried bout ghosts
I married the mob, we divorced  
And all that shit dead without me, of course  
It’s nothin—a zombie, a corpse  
You burnt yourself and was supposed to pass me the torch  
Fuck it, I’ll see you in Forbes, nigga

2. From “Coco” 
I don’t want no problems, I just want my money

3. From “Sh!t”
I’m a nerd, I’m a geek, I’m absurd, I’m unique
Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released, but this agent ain’t free
Word, that’s the word on these streets
But that shit is old news, that shit so yesterweek 
I’m just focused, focused on my expertise  
They like “Tunechi, you good?”  I’m like “Bob, yessiree”

4. From “Coco”
It’s compensation over conversation 
Lord, I must got blurry vision, a nigga’s got two faces
Lord, this game is a vampire 
Blood, you gotta protect your neck, it’ll suck you dry like raisins, lord

5. From “Coco”
I’m still in the buildin’
I just had to knock a couple walls down, had to kick y’all out 
Life is a movie but sometimes a nigga get too tired of watchin and walk out

6. From “Coco” 
Birdman Junior, more like ugly duckling

7. From “You Guessed It”
I couldn’t be junior forever, I don’t mean to ruffle your feathers 
But I had to spread my wings, ain’t tryna get lemon peppered

8. From “U Guessed It”
I’m sorry for the fuckin wait
Was busy, searchin my calendar for better days 
I found ’em; you either turn the page or tear the page 
YM, Young Money, never age
Bitch, you jealous

9. From “Coco”
I found a needle in a haystack, put the thread though
I tried to stitch the wound back up, but I just bled through

10. From “Coco”
Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow and to say, too
But I graduated from that bullshit, now I hate school

11. From “Sh!t”
I’m bumping Carter V on a iPod 
My bitch mad as hell cause it ain’t out yet 
She said, “Soon as these ni**as hear your new shit 
They gon have to give they styles back”

12. From “Coco”
Tha Carter gon be late so I cooked up a tape
The garden’s full of snakes so I had to escape

13. From “Coco”
Cash Money is an army; I’m a one-man army
And if them niggas comin for me, I’m goin out like Tony

14. From “Fingers Hurting”
Workin like a slave, on my Roots Part II shit 
Gotta let ’em know that Lil Tunechi’s still Tunechi, bitch

15. From “Hot Nigga”
Yeah, got me on my Young Money shit 
No Cash Money, just Young Money shit

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