First and foremost, I would like to let you know that I did not copy-paste these lyrics from any website whatsoever. I listened to more than 3,000 Lil Wayne songs that I have on my laptop and typed down the cleverest lyrics that I heard. Have a look at them.
1. You’re way too fly I could be your jet fuel.
2. And you already know you’re too fly, but baby don’t get your hair caught in the propellers.
3. You niggas thinking you’re fly, that flight delayed.
4. This game is a bitch, I got my hand up her dress.
5. I pay these niggas with a reality check.
6. Karma is a bitch, well just make sure that bitch is beautiful.
7. Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand.
8. If there’s food for thought, then I’m guilty of greed.
9. I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me.
10. I already know that life is deep, but I still dig her.
11. I tried to pay homage but I was over-charged.
12. Life on the edge, I’m dangling my feet.
13. And today I went shopping, and talk is still cheap.
14. I’m all about “I” ,give the rest of the vowels back.
15. I like my girl thick, not just kind of fine, eat her till she cry, call that whine and dine.
16. Looked in the face of death, and took its mask off.
17. Woman of my dreams, I don’t sleep so I can’t find her.
18. What’s appealing to me is under banana trees.
19. Niggas think they’re fly make me check your flight mileage.
20. She said “It’s gonna be me,myself and I” , damn that would make me a one-eyed fuck.
21. I’m a love machine, and I won’t work for nobody but you.
22. Life is a bitch, and I appreciate her.
23. Reality is a bitch, and Imma dance with her.
24. Two rights don’t make a wrong, three rights make a left.
25. I got diamonds in my teeth, so all my words are precious.
26. I’m so fucking hot I Sssssss, Imma need some more Sss’s.
27. She’s swallowed so many nuts, you fuck around and find a squirrel in her throat.
28. Life is a bitch and death is her sister, sleep is her cousin , what a fuckin family picture.You know father-time and we all know mother-nature. It’s all in the family but I am of no relation.
29. But it’s like soon as I cum, I come to my senses.
30. Six feet deep, dick ,shovel in the dirt, R. I. P. , Rest In Pussy.
31. I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded.
32. I think you stand under me ,if you don’t understand me.
33. Mind so sharp, I fuck around and cut my head off.
34. Talking to myself because I am my own consultant.
35. Married to the money, fuck the world , that’s adultery.
36. The fruits of my labour,I enjoy them while they’re still ripe.
37. Paper-chase now tell that paper,”Look I’m right behind you”.
38. You so full of shit, you should close your mouth and let your ass talk.
39. Young Money eating, all you haters do is add salt.
40. Been fucking the world n nigga I aint cum yet.
41. The guns are drawn n I aint talkin bout a sketch.
42. I get money to kill time, dead clocks.
43. I just fucked the clock, and let it cum in time.
44. I tried to fuck the world but couldn’t even get aroused.
45. Yes I am Weezy but I aint asthmatic.
46. Turn you to a vegetable, like you’re lining soup.
47. She say “I drive her crazy”, I say “Just keep on your seat belt”.
48. When opportunity knock, I ran out the back door, Shit I thought it was the cops ,damn.
49. The blind hear me, the deaf looking.
50. I fuck the bitch with a broom stick, the same broom that I didn’t clean my room with.
51. Automatic, leave em dead in the living room, get it? Leave em dead in the living room.
52. I put that pistol to his head and tell that nigga to have a blast.
53. Men I’m the shit, and y’all janitors.
54. If we could buy time, I’d spend my last penny.
55. Told her I could be her chauffer, dick like a limo, multiple orgasms, that’s my M.O. , Redbone pretty, I kiss her from her titty to her clitty.
56. I would talk about my dick, but man that shit be a long story.
57. You know I’m on that grass, don’t cut on the sprinklers.
58. Money talks nigga, I’m caught up in that gossip.
59. I’m the heart of the streets, and I just skipped a beat.
60. N I’m so cold I just shivered.
61. I hit her with that shovel dick, I got in that pussy and dug a ditch.
62. Bitch I’m so hot, I give your ass a heat rash.
63. Man I just pull em drawers over like they’re running lights, I gatta cut off my phone off like I’m on a flight, Coz if I don’t she gonn’ check it like a pair of Nikes.
64. Trippin like you stepped on a crack.
65. Imma fire my blunt like Donald Trumph.
66. I make it rain on you, like a window pane.
67. I don’t tip I pay bills.
68. If money grows on trees I just branched out.
69. You ain’t a King, you a Joker card.
70. I told a midget bitch I do it big, hippopotamus.
71. Swagger ill, Wasup Doc?
72. You pussy, keep your tail tucked.
73. Shawty say she feel like she sitting on a missile, I say 5 4 3 2 the 1 can only be you.
74. Lying to these bitches ,they call my dick Pinocchio.
75. The money changed me, I’m making cha-millions.
76. They aint got shit on me, but she keep sniffing.
77. Them hoes say I’m a dog, well how come I don’t chase them?
78. And yeah I do my dirt, but that’s for the flowers to grow in.
79. I just wanted some time, she said ,”Okay I’m your honour”.
80. I feel you like I’m blind girl.
81. And now we are murderers, because we kill time.
82. White girl, black girl, I call that a referee.
83. Got a sign on my dick that says ‘Bad bitches only.’
84. All my niggas nuts, and I’m a loose screw.
85. And if I get in that pussy I’m on her walls like graffiti.
86. Life is a bitch, but I appreciate her.
87. Now eat these f*ckin bullets, don’t forget to tip the waiter.
88. Yes I talk shit, got to defaecate to conversate.
89. Weezy fuck the world, yup I fuck it till it ovulate.
90. They say we learn from mistakes, well that’s why they mistake me.
91. All hail Weezy, call it bad weather.
92. They say never say never, but fuckin never mind.
93. All about my riches, my name should be Richard.
94. Cut the bullshit out, I’m effing with the scissors.
95. Times have changed, well fuck it get a new watch.
96. N yeah the tables turn, but I’m still sitting at them.
97. Money talks, and motherfuckers eavesdropping.
98. See y’all dead meat, and me I’m just a butcher.
99. Freedom was my girl until they fuckin took her.
100. And you know Imma ball, so catch me if you can.
101. Blood I leave a nigga bleeding like that nigga got cramps.
102. The night was dead, we found life.
103. Play with me, you in hot water, Tea-bag.
104. Life’s a bitch and mine a diva.
105. Young Money bitch, we cold like two scoops.
106. She give me brain, brain like trivia.
107. I be killing them hoes, I got your ho up in my graveyard.
108. I pop that cherry, no pussy , no rats, no Tom and Jerry.
109. They say your friends are your enemies, well my friends are imaginary.
110. Money talks, mine got a nasty mouth.
111. Got the keys to success on my key ring.
112. You should dream about sugar, sweet dreams.
113. But reality is a bitch and she’s my bitch.
114. Checkin niggas like an ID.
115. Money on my mind, pussy on my radar.
116. Money talks, bullshit walks, cut the legs off.
117. And if niggas think it’s a game I leave their brains on their jerseys.
118. Got a silencer on the gun, but them bullets still speaking.
119. They say time flies, well mine’s First Class.
120. I talk a lot of shit, and practise what I preach.
121. Shit happens and since I’m the shit I’m who it happened to.
122. All that bullshit is for the birds, throw some bread out.
123. Who fucking with me? All I hear is crickets.
124. They pissed off, piss test them.
125. Man I’m married to this shit, you can call this Shit Carter.
126. They say, “Till death do as part.” I say, “Damn, life’s a bitch without a wedding ring.”
127. That other bitch is just that other bitch, I give her space and give you the mother ship.
128. I don’t think you’re beautiful, I think you’re beyond it.
129. My motherfuckin doctor, said I need a doctor.
130. I told her if I change, she won’t get a penny.
140. Flyer than the hornet.
141. Weezy Baby here, y’all pre-natal.
142. Who trying to see us, you seeing things.
143. If these niggas dogs, I’m animal cruelty.
144. They say time is of the essence but what if their clock is wrong.
145. N I’ll have money bags for breakfast, smell like ‘Bitch I’m Rich’ Cologne.
146. They say it costs to be the boss, I pay the price including tax.
147. Shot gun in my drawers, make your woman bite the bullet.
148. Pockets so deep, it’s like my money gatta swim out.
149. Hopped up in my car and told my chauffer,”To The Top”
150. Life is such a fuckin roller coaster then it drops, but what should I scream for ? This is my theme park.
151. I’m getting head while giving head, that’s a head-on-collision.
152. Numbers don’t lie, except 5-0.
153. These niggas think they’re the shit, these niggas perfume.
154. I’ll blind you if I smile at you.
155. Been eating my girl, n she’s so sweet, got cavities.
156. I pour out my heart, have a drink.
157. Same shit, different air freshener.
158. I don’t play boy, I aint Hugh Hephner.
159. All she eat is dick, she is on a strict diet.
160. She wake up eat this dick, call that breakfast in bed , 69 , 96.
161. I be schooling them niggas, pose for your class pictures.
162. I’m trying to be polite, but you bitches in my hair like the fuckin po-lice.
163. My flow is so sick, so sick it’s like my shit is dying.
164. I’ll blow that chic coz bitch I’m the bomb, like ‘tick tick.’
165. I’m up in this bitch with more bloods than a blood vessel.
166. She eat my whole dick, she like whole foods.
167. I’m about to go banana pudding.
168. You a dike coz your man a pussy.
169. Never bite the hand that feeds you, always watch the hand that’s cooking.
170. It’s like man you can’t trust nobody,I don’t even have a trust fund.
171. I see u got your gun drawn, I send you back to the drawing board.
172. I don’t remember her name, but I remember how her pussy taste.
173. I’m Mr. Right and she Miss Tonight.
174. And you know they say love is blind so close your eyes.
175. I’m loving my shine, sipping on fine wine, up in some fine dine, then she give me Einstein.
176. Got my girl to the room,got behind her like a shadow.
177. Married to the mob, but I’m a bachelor baby.
178. Love is in the air, I put on a gas mask.
179. I think about you more than I blink.
180. And we were so right, write like ink.
181. And you can count on me like 1 2.
182. We pass weed like time over here.
183. I kill that pussy but I don’t go to the funeral.
184. Girl Imma wear that ass out like a uniform.
185. She kinda green but I’m colour blind.
186. And excuse my french, but I’m a long kisser.
187. Pussy like a oven, too hot to put my tongue in, all I had to do was rub it, the genie out the bottle, pussy so wet, Imma need goggles.
188. All these bitches think they’re fly and all them bitches flew to me.
189. Ball on these niggas, like I cut of my dreads.
190. Okay I’m so so so me, like needle and thread.
191. Between her legs, 5 star restaurant.
192. You used to be the shit, but now you aint shit bitch.
193. All that bullshit is for the birds,she was pigeon talk.
194. They say love is the key, somebody changed the lock.
194. I heard you’re doin you, and you heard I’m doing better, All I had to do was put 2 and 2 together, but that just makes 4, but not forever.
195. They say love is in the air, so I hold my breath till my face turn purple.
196. We eat each other whenever we at the dinner table.
197. She say this shit gonn’ catch up to me, I keep tissue paper.
198. Met a female dragon, had a fire conversation.
199. I know you’re looking, so How do I look?
200. The money talks, and I understand.
201. I beat that cat, animal cruelty.
202. So we can leave that old shit in the rest room.
203. I’m falling for you baby, I need a parachute.
204. Now tell me what you like, I like what you tell me.
205. Paper everywhere like books just fell.
206. Flyer than a bitch and you aint even got your flight plan.
207. The only time I will depend is when I’m seventy years old, that’s when I can’t hold my shit within, so I shit on myself, coz I’m so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else.
208. I know the game like I’m reffing it.
209. I’m a made nigga, I should dust something.
210. You niggas on the bench, like the bus coming
211. You a sell-out, but I aint buying.
212. I just fucked the Avatar, now I got a blue dick.
213. Money talks, bullshit walks, if the shoe fits.
214. The world is an asshole and we’re the next big shit.
215. I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga.
216. This is Wayne’s World, and y’all are just some tourists.
217. Give me three wishes, I wish, I wish, I wish you would bitch, grind new pussy, pussy good as baby powder.
218. Swimming in the money, Imma need some fuckin goggles.
219. It’s better to give, but we don’t give a fuck about them.
220. I think you’re pussy cat, hello kitty.
221. Phone in her back pocket, made a booty call.
222. I’m a prisoner of a love,got my heart on lock.
223. My pockets are so fat, I’m starting to feel contractions.
224. Boy I bury you like Halle.
225. Fuck you with a pool stick, make you swallow toothpicks.
226. I got a main bitch, and a mistress, I’m trying to work it out, I’m on my fitness.
227. I eat her insides, hmmmm, soul food.
228. Don’t fight that love, just bear with me baby, like a white and black cub.
229. I’m hard as steel, she wet, make it rust.
230. I’m on a paper chase but the paper ain’t running.
231. I’m stoned like Tomb.
232. Pockets on 9 months.
233. I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, I O.J. Simpson that pussy.
234. She said she’s waiting for the Carter 69.
235. Yeah we gonna fuck around like we’re fucking in a circle.
236. Pussy wetter than a wishing well, I wish I was in it right now instead of making this song.
237. It’s a jungle out there, come and climb my tree.
238. Maybe we’re moving too fast, but fuck it let’s crash.
239. Rats gonn’ rat, and snakes gonn’ hiss nigga.
240. Yeah you know that money talks, I am the ventriloquist.
241. I get deep, in that pussy, dig her out, surgery.
242. Well if life is a bitch, then mine’s a gold digger.
243. That AK sleep on the side of my bed, that’s one eye closed, one eye open.
244. Boy I send them bloods at your ass like a tampon.
245. Give you an H A L O.
246. Smoking pot like cooking dinner.
247. These niggas broke, like Mr. Glass.
248. My weed louder than pimp suits.
249. I smoke marijuana whenever Mary wanna.
250. I even look good in a broken mirror.
251. I walk light, so I don’t piss the ground off.
252. Almost drowned in the pussy so I swam to her butt.
253. Wish a nigga would, like a tree in this bitch.
254. I toungue-kiss her other tongue.
255. Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth, wonder if Stevie do.
256. Man I got summer hating on me coz I’m hotter than the sun, got spring hating on me coz I aint never sprung, winter hating on me coz I’m colder than y’all, I’m being hated by the season, so fuck y’all hating for no reason.
257. Before I fuck this bitch, I gotta put that patch over my third eye.
258. Got so much coke, you’re gonna need another nose man.
259. Throw dirt on me, and grow a wild flower.
260. Yeah my life’s a bitch, but you know nothing bout her.
261. Been to hell and back, I can show you vouchers.
262. Married to the game, but she broke her vows.
263. I’m sticking to the script, you niggas skipping scenes.
264. Put their dick in their mouth, so I guess it’s fuck what they say.
265. They throw dirt on my name, well that’s why they still dig me.
266. All them niggas with you, they’re just pall bearers, and if we ball catch us.
267. All rats gotta die even Stewart.
268. Bitches be digging me, I feel buried.
269. Man your bitch speak in tongues, everytime we speak in private.
270. I know gold diggers and ditch diggers.
271. I would talk about my dick, but man that shit be a long story.
272. She hot as hell, call her Hellen, Fireman to her rescue like nine eleven.
273. She just tell me to cum, like invitations.
274. I’m spooning with your bitch and make you do the dirty dishes.
275. Man I hate them thirsty bitches cut em off like circumcision.
276. Tried to fuck the world, can’t fit.
277. I look to my left, I look to my right, and time aint on my side.
278. Bitch stop talkin that shit and suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit.
279. Bitch I ball like two eye lids.
280. Pop that pussy like a zit.
281. I’m 5’5″ but I could sixty nine.
282. Love don’t live here and it don’t even visit.
283. Nobody gives you a chance, you gatta take chances.
284. Your family tree, I will break branches.
285. If real shit is dead, then nigga I’m a bastard.
286. Yesterday just died, tomorrow never cried.
287. I told you I get paid by the letter like A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Zz.
288. It’s about a minute past pissed, and I’m about to get shitty.
289. Can’t pack no gun so I keep a knife, like that fuckin Chucky doll.
290. I’m at your neck, like a shoal, on your ass, like some drawers.
291. I got three hoes with me, fuck I look like Santa Claus.
292. Pockets getting too fat, no weight-watch, no lyppo.
293. These bitches think they’re too fly, well tell them hoes I pluck feathers.
294. I’ll be killing them bitches, I hope all dogs go to heaven.
295. I’ve been fly so long, I fell asleep on the fuckin plane.
296. Flow so nice, you aint gotta put her rag on her.
297. Money talks, you have a convo in this bitch with me.
298. It’s Y M and we at your neck, like a violin.
299. Eat that pussy, make it numb, she can’t feel herself cum.
300. My ex wanna work it out, bitch try Yoga.
301. Two hoes in the bed, tell em hoes slide over, Excuse my French, two bitches and
moi ,that’s a Nicki Ménage à Trois
302. Don’t send me no flowers unless it’s weed.
303. Life is a puzzle, jigsaw.
304. I make that bitch cum, till she come to a conclusion.
305. These hoes think they’re classy, well that’s the class I’m skipping.
306. I put it in her back yard like a fuckin dog house.
307. You think your shit don’t stink, well you are Mrs. Phew.
308. Bitch I miss you like a deadline.
309. And the girl I’m with is just the girl I’m with, I mean it’s working out, so we’re staying fit.
310. I R.I.P these niggas, like a page.
311. Hello how you doing sir, Dr Carter M.D. that’s Mur-Der.
312. Everybody is on edge, until you push them.
313. On my watch, I’m the greatest of all time.
314. I’m an asshole but I don’t give a shit, like a hard dick, I’m in this bitch.
315. You bark up my tree, that’s a dead dog.
316. Don’t gamble in that pussy, not even Lady Luck’s.
317. When life hands you lemons, find the lime light.
318. On the road to riches, you niggas stuck in traffic.
319. I be balling on these niggas Sports Illustrated.
320. Give that bitch nigga blues till he fuckin Navy.
321. Tell her how that pussy taste, she’s been eating pineapples.
322. Write your name on a bullet, that’s a dedication.
323. Ran up in your ass, then I dash like a hyphen.
324. I eat her ice-cream, she eat my ice-cream cone.
325. I’m at the gas station adding fuel to the fire.
326. I pass that weed like I studied.
327. You’re tied to the track of my train of thoughts, and controlling my thoughts is like taming sharks.
328. I got fat pockets, you niggas in shape.
329. Life is a bitch, I’ll make her your ex.
330. I walk it like I talk it, got legs on my words.
331. I’m laced up like two shoes, Miss Goody.
332. I just can’t see myself, living in a house of mirrors.
333. I’m blowing like I’m stuck in traffic.
334. Make breakfast coz I got you walking on egg shells.
335. I make her moan, call her Mona, I’d have a threesome if they cloned her.
336. Don’t sit on top of this dick if you’re scared of heights.
337. They ask me what’s her race and I say first place.
338. She say cum anywhere you want, I give her Santa Claus face.
339. Retarded, Sick, I spit hospitals.
340. I’m balling on them suckers and I won’t pick up my dribble.
341. Even deaf bitches say hi to me, she tells a blind bitch n she say, “I gotta see.”
342. If you don’t like a nigga, fuck you, no Vaseline.
343. Hiphop that’s my whore, I know, she knows I like it wet, no dry hoe.
344. I’m so motherfuckin high I can eat a star.
345. Big house, long hallways, got ten bathrooms, I could shit all day nigga.
346. When a wolf cry wolf, you still see that wolf’s teeth motherfucker.
347. I’m at your face like man cum.
348. She asked me for a picture, so I gave her three strikes.
349. I’m so hot, you’ll probably catch a tan around this motherfucker.
350. If you the shit then I’m sewerage.
351. Got a question for Molly, do you remember our first kiss?
352. I run in your fuckin mouth like the tooth fairy.
353. Stay on my toes, no ballet.
354. Now I’m richer than chocolate.
355. When she checks her watch, it’s never time to go.
356. My own funeral, I’m late for it.
357. I’m looking up to heaven, hoping my niggas made it while I’m trying to get them demons, out of my demonstration.
358. These niggas must be nuts, I castrate these niggas.
359. Kidnap your wife, fuck her and still kill her.
360. I like that pussy tighter than my fuckin schedule.
361. I smoke all these niggas, call that nigga-tine.
362. You niggas stand under me, understood nigga?
363. If you’re a rat, you should have died as a mouse.
364. The weed louder than the opera house, till the fat lady sang.
365. Got bitches falling like August.
366. Work hard, play hard, my d*ck stay hard, but suck my skateboard.
367. I do tricks on my skateboard, not up my sleeve.
368. Before you judge me, I plead guilty.
369. I wish a nigga would, I won’t get a splinter.
370. When I came, she caught me like the common cold.
371. I’m cruising on the road of life, but I need a passenger.
372. I’ll be in the bath with her, then I gotta go under that water like a mariner.
373. Send my crew at your neck, like a t-shirt with no collar.
374. F*ck that bitch until she’s tired, till she’s tired like a rim.
375. I hope that pussy warmer than luke.
376. She fell in love with the martian, I said you’re too down to earth.
377. Then I give that hoe that boot, hold up let me put my foot in.
378. It’s Cash Money nigga eat a dick.
379. I played my cards right and your girlfriend dealt with me.
380. Your girl is my biggest fan, windmill nigga.
381. I just built a cemetary, niggas dying to get in.
382. Why are them snakes trying to tongue-kiss us?
383. All this hating drives me crazy, take the key out of the ignition.
384. Tell them hoes I got that Victoria’s Secret Weapon.
385. I hope you live a double life coz you’re gonna need an extra.
386. Life is a bitch on her cycle.
387. Let them know we’ve got beef for anyone who got a taste for it.
388. Heard niggas been waiting on me, well I might as well go and tip them.
389. I pimp my ride, my car is hoe-ing.
390. My young bitch keep on snapping on me, I told that bitch I aint posing.
391. Since all you niggas fly now, bugs all on my windshield.
392. My navigation system says it’s death around the corner.
393. My way or the highway, and I see traffic coming.
394. Pass that weed around, like that shit contagious.
395. If pussy lips could talk, I’d go down there like it’s whispering.
396. Get that boy a mirror, so he can watch his damn mouth.
397. You be Batman, and I be robbin the bank.
398. Glass house nigga, you see how I’m living.
399. No New Friends, we don’t talk to strangers.
400. They tell me to turn up, but I’m the knob on the oven.
401. I got a knife in my pocket if there’s a fork in the road.
402. I’m the Man of Steel, but I won’t say what I stole.
403. I got bloods in the cut, so don’t throw salt in the wound.
404. She say ,”You got it made” , I say, “No I got a butler.”
405. When we throw a pool party, we put sharks in the pool.
406. Ask your bitch, 69, that’s a favour for a favour.
407. Sometimes life is hard to swallow but she likes to taste.
408. Ding ding ding ding ding, my lawyer fights the case.
409. I got them flowers in me, I feel like a vase.
410. Monsters in my closet, no more closet space.
411. She throw it at me like I’m just one strike away.
412. Niggas wanna be this fly, too many flights to take.
413. We’re smoking on that gas, pass it like ‘Excuse You’.
414. Before these niggas play with us, they’ll play dead my nigga.
415. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on these b*tches minds.
416. Tell em boys that beef tastes like a slice of cake.
417. It’s curtains for these niggas I feel like some drapes.
418. My diamond grills make it hard to see them lying through my teeth.
419. You say I act like I don’t miss you, that’s because I don’t act.
420. Sorry, my mind’s in the gutter, better yet sewer.
421. That’s a dead subject, you bring it up, that’s a zombie.
422. She said she aint tripping, I know because I moved my feet.
423. And when she figured out that she’s been swindled, I’ll be cleaning that love bird shit off of my window.
424. What kind of cologne do you wear, because all I can smell is fear.
425. Married to the mob, man you niggas just some bridesmaids.
426. Bitches give me head, instead of playing mind games.
427. Tattoo tears for my homies, that’s a crying shame.
428. Niggas just construction workers, trying to build a case.
429. Run up in your house, the couch potatoes getting mashed.
430. Pussy nigga keep your mouth closed like you chew onions motherfucker.
431. I got shooters on the roof, like some fuckin reindeer.
432. Me, myself and I , the fuckin three musketeers.
433. Like I was born in a pool, I came up from the bottom.
434. She say my dick head needs a crown on it.
435. Boy I live in pussy, let me speak to my neighbours.
436. I killed that pussy, it came back to life.
437. Had this bitch on lock, I’m about to get this bitch a cell mate.
438. I keep change on me not, coz this shit’s starting to take a toll.
439. Oh how time flies, clip its wings.
440. Make you spit that safe combination out like Listerine.
441. Even though I’m not an artist, this is where I draw the line.
442. We don’t feel none of you niggas, y’all some fuckin porcupines.
443. Smoke like I’ve been kissing dragons.
444. You and all your dogs can get euthanized nigga.
445. Trigger happy nigga I just can’t stop smiling.
446. Thank God I’m fly, I had to thank my pilot.
447. You think you’re calling shots, you got the wrong number.
448. I love Benjamin Franklin more than his own mother.
449. We drink cum like she had hiccups.
450. We be passing blunts, they be passing judgment.
451. Five blunts of that strong, call that strength in numbers.
452. Whoever find your body, finders keepers yeah.
453. I really beat that pussy up, them niggas shadow box.
454. Burning blunts like bridges.
455. Kill everybody, you’re gonna need a limousine hearse.
456. You see I’m armed like a fuckin short sleeved shirt.
457. I could shoot a fly or a bull in the eye.
458. I hope my weed aint too loud, to hear the snakes hiss.
459. I’m shining on these hoes so hard they’re getting tan lines.
460. Dirty money, no foot prints in dirt.
461. As long as money talks, I got someone to talk to.
462. Watch my dogs treat the beef like dog food.
463. I got the power but a short fuse.
464. I can’t trust my iPhone, I think Siri the feds.
465. You know snitches get stitches nigga, needle and thread.
466. You better walk it like you talk it or we cut off your legs.
467. Pretty please don’t kill my vibe, I ain’t too proud to beg.
468. Your bitch leaking information, I just follow the drip.
469. You tell that bitch give me my space like a telescope
470. In her throat like the cola, my system solar.
471. No broken mirrors, I can’t see myself broke.
472. Shorty make that dick stand up like it’s telling jokes.
473. If I ain’t have the keys to success, I would have picked the lock.
474. Still got that crack, maybe one day I’ma pass the rock.
475. You better duck, like Dooney Bourke.
476. Had a phone in jail, that’s a cell phone.
477. These niggas hustling backwards, check your rear view mirror and your side mirrors.
478. You aint got a shot in a gun range.
479. It’s going down if I’m her pilot.
480. Money talks, yours like ‘No comment’
481. Black car, racial profiling.
482. Fuck all your niggas in Swahili nigga.
483. Niggas feed these bitches lies, nigga don’t food poison my hoe.
484. I’ve been out here getting bread, and I don’t need you all in my loaf.
485. When I’m through balling I coach.
486. I found a way like it was hiding from me.
487. Tell them rats that AK go Rat tat tat.
488. Her mouth, pussy or asshole, Life is full of hard decisions.
489. Blunt longer than a tongue twister.
490. Ride this dick ,no red lights, no speed bumps, just get to Lil Tunechi.
491. I’m staying rich, trying not to make poor decisions.
492. The end of the road is at walking distance.
493. And the weed so strong I can feel veins, write it down, take a picture, now I feel framed.
494. The drugs got me so numb I can’t feel ashamed.
495. Wish I had a penny for my thoughts for some loose change.
496. Hungry niggas going at yo neck for that food chain.
497. I sit back enjoy the breeze, hoes prettier than please.
498. Man all you pussy niggas drive me crazy, Make me sick to my stomach, I feel nauseated.
499. I’mma yell timber, money grow on trees.
500. I’m higher than mercury.
501. I heard a nurse say ,”Thank you for being so patient.”
502. I just test drove a new Lamborghini and got an A.
503. That dick keep her coming back, motherfucking reincarnation.
504. Hi my name is Tune, it’s nice to eat ya.
505. Imma milk all of them, coz they’re fuckin cow-ards.
506. I’m the shit, where’s the fly swatter.
507. If you talk trash, I’m a fuckin opposum.
508. Got this bitch on lock, these niggas aint got no bail.
509. We don’t smoke bullshit, give that shit back to that bull.
510. Nigga you a pussy, hope you got nine lives.
511. Everybody got tools so you will need a hammer.
512. I’m a shark in the water, you’re just Long John Silver.
513. Fuck a nigga’s wife and eat the wedding cake.
514. I’m like 5’6″ , dick 7’8″.
515. All my hoes dirty like welcome mats.
516. Wake up early in the morning, eat that pussy like cold pizza.
517. She let me in her jungle, I’m gonna hit her with that rattle snake.
518. Aint nobody fucking with me, first degree murder, you can get your degree motherfucker.
519. She pop X, I smoke O’s, Tic tac toe.
520. You aint gotta wonder about me Wonder Woman.
521. They say numbers don’t lie, is that a 6 or a 9?
522. I stand in front of the clock coz I’m ahead of the time.
523. I stink because I got a lot of shit on my mind.
524. I’m in the ocean getting shark pussy.
525. You know how the tables turn, where are your table manners?
526. These hoes wanna ride my dick you gotta hitch-hike.
527. Two guns drawn, art class.
528. I listen to her heartbeat because it plays my favourite song.
529. Your girl let me tap it twice, I call her Instagram.
530. She ain’t got a lot of ass but I could work with her, Nigga that’s my cup of tea, Ahhhhh, burnt my tongue.
531. When I met codeine it was love at first Sprite.
532. Been eating so much pussy, man I’m starting to get chubby.
533. Before I have to beat him like a dick he had it coming.
534. Stop, drop, roll and shake what her mama gave her.
535. Shoot a nigga twice in case he lives a double live.
536. Imma throw a tantrum in this bitch, who wants to play fetch.
537. Girl it’s a jungle out there, ask Mufasa.
538. Her suicide note says she loves me to death.
I hope you enjoyed my lyrics collection. Let me sign off now. See you all soon.


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