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Our first years together were fun and play
Never a worry; Making memories each day!
We were best friends or “sisters” in our own little world!
You were my angel from heaven, my precious little girl!

A gift from God and I’ve loved you so
With a love so strong only a mother would know
I’ve tasted salt when you’ve shed tears
My life’s been your life all through the years!

Life’s about changes, nothing stays the same
Together we’ve stood to face whatever came!
We’ve fought the battle, we’ve won the war
The “proof” is in the person you are!

It was “just us three” for oh so long
“Me and You against the World” was our theme song!
We’ve made it through times I didn’t think we would
We’ve accomplished things I never dreamed we could!

Now as you’ve taken a new path, a new direction you go
You’ll make it just fine, that “proof” will show!
I’ll still be here for you through tears or laughter
Today, Tomorrow, and Forever After!


Mom sits thinking about her girls and her boys,
reminiscing days the floor was covered with toys.
Remembering the tiny bootees and the little shoes,
remembering all the gurgles and the little coos.

When you said your first word she was so proud,
and was beside herself when you laughed out loud.
When you cut your first tooth and began to crawl,
she just couldn’t wait to give all the kinfolk a call.

She misses singing you lullabies in her old rocking chair,
as she looks at your baby book and your first lock of hair.
Those crew haircuts, pony tails, and the dog eared locks,
the cowboy boots, and penny loafers, and little bobby socks.

She misses the fingerprints found all over the wall,
the coats and the mittens that hung in the hall.
The paper dolls, and toy cars, and the little trikes,
and when you were older the two wheel bikes.

How you looked forward to each and every New Year,
although you fell asleep before it was near.
The pictures you brought her that you drew in school,
the words that you used like awesome and cool.

The Valentine cards you made all by yourself,
the Barbie dolls and models that set on a shelf.
St. Patrick’s Day when your clothes were all greens,
your little chairs that were stuffed full of beans.

The Easter suits and the dresses covered with lace,
colored eggs and stuffed bunnies all over the place.
Flowery weeds that you gave her on Mother’s Day,
and hearing your footsteps as you run out to play.

Father’s Day and the things you made for your dad,
those gifts were the most precious that he ever had.
Then going to the carnival and watching you ride,
watching you at the park as you went down the slide.

The picnics with peanut butter and jelly on bread,
hearing you say your prayers before going to bed.
Taking you Trick or Treating Halloween night,
trying to juggle all the bags and a huge flashlight.

Thanksgiving dinners when everyone was still home,
the house seems so empty now that you are all grown.
Seeing the happiness that spread across your little face,
as you ate Christmas dinner after you had said grace.

Blowing out all the candles on your birthday cake,
tightly closing your eyes for the wishes you’d make.
Watching you open gifts covered with paper and bows,
placing every card that you got very neatly in rows.

These are just a few things remembered by your mother,
she remembers all your childhood at one time or another.
She misses the goodnight hugs and the goodnight kisses,
there are thousands of things that she really misses.


I’ve tried to find the words today
to tell what’s in my heart,
a way to vent … a way to share
but how is one to start?

How do we write the horror
of the thousands who were lost?
How do we pen the terror felt
as lives became the cost?

How do we say “Good will prevail –
we shall not be defeated.”
How do we shout with confidence
“Such acts won’t be repeated!”

How do we quell the anger
reaching far beyond the brink?
How do we spill the endless tears
that flow in crimson ink?

How do we rise up full of pride
in silent rage no longer?
Together, my friends … we must be heard
one voice … united … stronger!


Our castle stands atop the hills
And offers strength of spirit
Place your hand little one unto mine
And I shall lead you to it.

The family castle is now your home
The stones grow ever stronger
For the castle’s built on love and hope
Alone you are no longer.

Behind these walls that rise up high
Lies a garden lush and green
It’s offerings bountiful as the sea
And beauty yet unseen.

Drink the waters that beckon you near
They’ll fill your heart with hope
Feast on the knowledge offered here
For that will help you cope.

Our fires will fill your soul with warmth
To cast off the chill outside
Yet stay not here within these walls
They were not built to hide.

Swing wide the gates so you can see
The world lie at your feet
For without what hides beyond
The castle’s incomplete.

Mount our stallion strong and true
For he shall be your guide
His legs have carried those of us
Who’ve ventured far outside.

Fear not what you do not yet know
Lead on and find your star
Fill your pack with experience
That you shall gain afar.

The good times will outnumber bad
Though sometimes you shall fall
It’s at that time that you should seek
The strength of the castle wall.

For no matter the path you choose to take
No matter the strength of tides
You need only look inside your heart
For that’s where the castle resides.


It’s time to go, to leave this place
A shadowy voice does cry.
But the voice belongs to me alone,
And still I wonder why.

The time is here upon me now
Like a weight, heavy pounding.
Or has it Lifted? Hard to tell
The Questions keep arising.

The unknown awaits, as it does
For foolish few who dare.

Is it foolishness?

Curiosity perhaps?

Or something I’m not aware.

For I am scared and poignant now
More than ever at present.
Tears cloud my eyes as pen meets paper,
And I hope for my ascent.

I leave behind what I comprehend
And even with all communication.
I know for now without doubt,
I drift, en route a new location.

But who’s to say what shall pass
And what still lies ahead.
I only know that were I’m at,
I’ll yearn ’till forever dead.

Yet for now the flame still burns inside
However daily dying.
To light the path less traveled by
In haste I’m already striding.

But am I running from that I cannot?

Escape from oneself is ever brief.
Before we are again confronted,
Hunting for relief.

Yet still I follow my perilous path
To wherever it might be leading.
And well it may, onto something new,
And strangely more inviting.

Or perhaps not . . .

But who’s to know, not I as yet
The fate of anyone on this Earth,
I wouldn’t like to bet.

For life can lead in many ways
Often now undesired.
Fate can deal a cruel hand sometimes,
But we play on, cold and tired.

And art is born of life

Hard, dejected and trodden.

Hence emerges exquisite beauty,
And some direction from the coffin.

Finding it is a difficult thing
Sometimes left without thought.
But time it ticks, and years they fly,
I’m sure it can’t be bought.

So we search, as do I
For things that bring on the ‘morrow.
The weak are those who don’t pursue,
And languish in their sorrow.

Happiness is that I chase
And hope to find someday.
I’ll count the means again I’m sure,
There is always another way.


I stand in front of the mirror
And wipe the fog away
My vision is still hazy
From ridding myself this way

My hair is all in tangles
My eyes are filled with tears
I wipe the warm tears away
As if trying to rid myself of my fears

I’m ashamed of what I have done
But it hurts me even more
I can’t make myself stop doing it
Even though I know what’s in store

It has taken over my mind
It is eating away at my soul
My throat burns with anger
While my stomach growls even more

I am still looking in the mirror
Yet I don’t know who I see
All that I know
Is this sad sight couldn’t be me

I grip the edge of the counter
So tightly that my knuckles turn white
I want to scream out in anger
At this ugly sight

It’s your fault I hiss
That I do this to myself
If only you didn’t look this way
I would be in better health

I cover the image in the mirror
With the palm of my hand
And notice a cut on my finger
That I never knew I had

I grab my hand in anger
Or is it more like fright
I’m just so shocked
To see this sight

I laugh and then I cry
Then crumble to the floor
Suddenly aware of my problem
Like I never was before

How did this happen to me?
How did I become a statistic?
I thought that I was strong,
I thought I was better than that

My head throbs in anger
My throat burns with pain
My finger loses a drop of blood
And Nothing is what I have gained.


Life is full of choices
Make sure you pick the right one
Don’t listen to the voices
Hear only yours and you have won

Many people will tell you
You need to change your looks
Don’t take to heart their view
Fabulous bods are found only in books

There is only one voice
That you should listen to
It will help make the right choice
That is perfect just for you

Your looks are your own
Someone will always love you
You will never be alone
Look in the mirror and you’ll see who.


I walk into my bathroom,
Turn the radio up,
So nobody can hear,
I get on my knees,
Get my hair out of my face,
I shove my fingers down my throat,
Scratching the back of my throat,
It burns inside,
Tears run down my face,
I do this over and over,
Until there is nothing left to come out,
Now there is an empty feeling inside of me,
The one thing that I love and cherish,
At least the hard part is over with now,
Until the next time comes when I feel fat.


Tomorrow smile at someone
That you’ve never seen before.
Take time to think of others that
You feel compassion for.

Tomorrow tell somebody
How they brighten up your day.
Let random acts of kindness
Put your feelings on display.

Tomorrow hug your children
Somewhat tighter than before.
Be sure to think of all the things
You can be thankful for.

Pat your dog a little longer.
Hug and kiss your husband/wife.
Thank your God for granting you
Another day of life.


Words that need to be spoken should not accumulate inside.
The hurt, pain or jealousy a person feels can not hide.

Sorrow and anger can be and will be suppressed.
But this only leads to a person feeling depressed.

Anger is a deadly toxin in which the body it flows.
When it takes over limb by limb, everyone knows.

The body – The mind controls and manipulates.
As the poison enters the veins and circulates.

When the poison reaches the heart it’s too late.
Disastrous emotions take over such as revenge and hate.

The antidote to cure these emotions, is not so hard to find.
We must search to learn to control our spirited bodies and minds.

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