After a lot of thought, I now feel that there are three main categories that any blogs readership can be divided into, and understanding the dynamics of each is important.

1) Non-Wordpress Readers

These are people who read your blog without having a WordPress account, or do have an account but aren’t motivated enough to log in. The main source for them is coming in from random web searches (due to matched keywords), or from places where you have advertised your site (forums, etc.).

These are the most common (I get roughly 800-1000 unique visitors on an average day), but also the least personal since they can’t like or comment.

The longer posts you write, and the more frequent they are, the more chances you have of people finding your site through some keyword(s) hitting on a search somewhere. So this number should go up regardless of the quality of content on your site.

2) WordPress followers

These are people who have elected to follow your blog, and so when they go to their Reader they’ll see any new articles you post. I currently have 2460 followers.

The number of followers a blog gets seems to partially correlate with the content, plus the total number of posts.

Originally I thought followers were the ultimate in blog metrics, the cherry on the ice cream of blogging, but I’ve finally realized they aren’t actually that important. One reason I say this is because I’ve noticed my average number of daily likes and comments only has gone up a small amount, even though my followers has risen at a much quicker pace. I interpret this to mean that people may be actually interested in my blog, but they don’t actively read blogs in the reader that often, or when they do they don’t happen to come across my posts (posting every day or several times a day should improve this).

I also feel there is a subset of any blog’s followers who have simply become followers as to attract interest to their own site. I think this is a valid marketing tactic, but at the same time it’s something I try to avoid doing personally. Often it’s pretty easy to find these people out, especially if when I go to their blog it’s about “multi-level marketing” or some other business scheme. If a follower’s blog is something with at least a vague connection to this blog’s topics (Japanese, Japan, anime, etc.), then I know fairly reliably that they are a real follower.

3) Active followers

These are the people that are not just your followers, but like and/or comment often enough that you remember their names.

It’s this group that is the real pot of gold at the end of the blogging rainbow, especially if they chime in with “I love your blog” or happen to re-blog one of more of your posts on their site. I’ve only had a few of these, but I’d like to thank them very much! (you know who you are).

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  1. Oh, do’t we love our WordPress friends!

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  2. Oh how i love how you differentiate wordpress readers. So enlightening, yes it’s not the number of followers that count, what matters is if you were able to build a connection with your readers. Blogging is all about building communities. But then i totally understand people if they use numbers for marketing tactics. Different folks, different strokes. Thank you for this article Emmanuel, I enjoyed reading this.

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  3. Interesting analysis of readers. I think blogging would be pretty boring if I didn’t read other blogs regularly. What do you make of followers who follow your blog but when you click on them to read their blog it has been deleted? I’ve had a spate of these recently.

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    • Thanks a lot…Im glad you loved my post
      I think that they shouldn’t be allowed back on WordPress until they have set up a new blog site….
      I can understand people who have private blogs since they may want just a few close friends to read and comment..

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  4. That’s a pretty accurate description, the problem I have found is once you start following so many blogs it’s just overwhelms you trying to keep up with everybody and you have to pick and choose sometimes. I don’t like doing it myself, but if a particular blog I like goes off topic for some other project (poetry, awards, wordpress challenge) I tend to skip it and move on. Find this blog Friday and look forward to reading more of it.

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  5. I find how people think amazing….when I started my blog, it was just an outlet for myself, to follow my journey and have somewhere to write it down other than a journal/diary which I have never done…never once did I ever think with connecting with anyone else on the word press but after my daughter taught me how to tag and understand how to look around for others with the same interest, I then realized what a huge social media site this was..I am not a social person and never have been, always been happy to party by myself..LOL more for me that way….LOL however I am enjoying the journeys of others….and enjoy commenting more and more on others sites…I was amazed that anyone would be interested in my journey besides myself….life again amazing me…

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    • Hi..I missed you
      Thanks a lot for dropping by. I started blogging two years ago and I wasnt following anyone until about 6 months ago. I didnt know it was possible to follow someone’s blog. I was a bit new to the blogosphere. Then i started following peeps, getting likes and comments and it truly feels wonderful to connect with people.
      Im always excited when i see a new comment, plus i always reply…

      Hmmmm, i also learnt about tags by going to the WordPress Help section. I was very much a newbie with no experience whatsoever.


    • Well that makes me feel better….looking at your site and seeing how many follows you have I would of never thought you were a novice…I really never thought I would meet anybody on here, but was really amazed at how many people are on here from all over the world….enjoying myself for sure,,,I see you live in Turkey….my son and his wife are there right now, in Istanbul…they are just winding up a 3 week – 9 country whirl wind tour, they have really enjoyed themselves,,,,,,I will pick them up tomorrow in San Francisco…nice to talk with you again…

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    • Geee thanks a lot….a friend of mine here has 34,000 followers and 6 million views on her blog.
      (Im slightly jealous)
      I’m not from Turkey. I’m from Kenya.
      That is indeed wonderful. I’m happy for them and wish them th best. True, there are people of different origins here.
      I have only met one other person from Kenya here.

      #I hope to one day pass the limits that my friend has reached.


    • Hummm, I thought I saw on your sight you were from turkey…sorry….I had a friend from Kenya…I use the past on purpose, we were close friends for a very short time….we went our separate ways, we were ships in the night, both going in different directions….fond memories..lol

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    • No its not Turkey..
      Maybe you mis-read something on my site. I hope you went your separate ways on good times,huh?


    • always….I don’t believe in hatred, no reason to be angry at another….always friends, may not be a lasting friendship, but never the less friends….after all we created a life together….how terrible to go through life hating someone….I don’t understand how people do it….

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    • That’s great thinking. Even if one hates their ex it should only be for a while. Then one should let go. You defintely shouldnt get ulcers because of somebody.


    • never make your self sick over anyone….if your relationship is starting to fail, why wait until hate enters, end it,..we as humans have sooo many choices in life,,,why waste your precisous time on something that is causing you pain….even if your mate does something horrible to you, yes I know its going to hurt, but you have the choice to what degree….leave or stay, but you must live with your choice….and from experience I have learned that once a cheater always a cheater….once the trust has been broken you can never get it back…I am preaching again…sorry…

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    • Dont be sorry. It’s the naked truth. I’ve gone through quite a cheating ordeal and I definitely cant ever trust her again. Its all bullshit (an ex trying to say that she has changed and wants to turn over a new leaf )


    • good for you for seeing it..it took me more years than I want to admit too…LOL the old Italian saying…Cheat me once – shame on you! Cheat me twice – shame on me! says it all….

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    • It takes quite some time…especially if your spouse is ur first love

      It fucking hurts a lot . but then yo


    • I guess because I am older, I have become way more harsh on feelings….I learned to put a wall up around my heart, the more people you loose in your life, whether its death or a break up the wall goes up to protect yourself automatically…after awhile it just stays up and you try to avoid hurt…emotions, very painful,,,, can’t have joy without pain….and first loves are the hardest….I forgot all about first loves….I had a couple….but the older you get the pain fades away….replaced with other anxieties….LOL

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