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In space, no one can hear you moan. Pornhub, the porn video viewing site, is hoping to be the first to shoot an adult film in space. The special interest site launched its crusade for the sexy space movie on crowd funding site Indiegogo. Click here to contribute. Hoping to rock the world (and beyond) with Sexplorations in 2016 are renowned adult film stars Eva Loria and Johnny Sins. At the time of writing, 386 people have donated $8,300 within one day of the campaign being live. With 60 days of campaigning to go and 18.35 billion visits to the adult film site in 2014 alone, Pornhub may well reach its funding target of $3.4 million. However, it needs to meet or exceed this amount to access the money, or else the dollars all go back to the pockets of the backers. In the entire history of space travel, no astronauts have had sex on either the International Space Station or anywhere else in space… as far as we know.
But if the human race is to begin colonizing other planets, the ability to have a good bonk and (perhaps more importantly) procreate are arguably pretty important. At a Sex in Space panel held at 2006’s annual Space Frontier Foundation conference, there was a discussion of the “biological, emotional, and physical issues that will confront people moving [off Earth] into the space environment.” Weightlessness, noise and stress were cited as contributing factors to making certain sexual activities difficult but not impossible.
60% of the funds have been explicitly assigned to the cost of space travel. Currently, commercial spaceflight company
Virgin Galactic are offering seats to space with an upfront deposit of $250,000 . So the $2,040,000 that Pornhub are setting aside for tickets to ride into space seems substantial enough for actors and crew. Contribution rewards range from the “Pluto”, whereby a $1 donation gets you a certificate of endorsement, to the punnily-titled “Uranus” reward, whereby a $150,000 donation will make a backer the proud owner of one of the two Pornhub-branded spacesuits worn by a “sextronaut” along with their underwear.
With more private companies advertising space missions for consumers, the cost of space tourism is dropping incrementally. Though funding for Sexplorations is probably more of an astral PR stunt, Pornhub may actually be paving the way for wider research into and further discussion about sexual health in space.


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