Winfred, the owner of The Kenyan Girl Blog, has nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award. Thank you so much for nominating me. I truly love awards and I never fail to accept them. Being the only normal kid in her whole family, her blog is filled with her personal experiences and interesting love stories. Feel free to pay her blog a visit. She is the only Kenyan that I have come across in the WordPress blogossphere.

The rules of the award :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List ten random things about yourself.
3. Nominate sixteen bloggers.

Facts about me :
1. When I was in high school I scored the highest grade possible in English, which is an A.
2. I love being neat, both in real life and in virtual life (In Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and even Flickr). My blog theme has to be perfect. As you can see, this post is well-arranged and has no errors.
3. Every time I see a spelling mistake or incorrect grammar on WordPress I secretly die inside.
4. I love it when I have an entire conversation with someone on my blog post. I love the feeling that I get when I connect with someone for the first time and we have an extra-long chat.
5. Sleeping is my favourite hobby. It truly surpasses drawing and blogging.
6. I absolutely love the feeling of taking a hot shower. The goosebumpy feeling that I get when I’m in the shower is more than magical.
7. I’m obsessed with technology. I love interacting with computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Being tech savvy is one of the reasons that I wake up in the morning. I’m always eager to know more about Information Technology.
8. I love all kinds of WordPress awards so please keep them coming. I will always accept them. I never fail to respond.
9. I have a crush on one of my WordPress followers but I won’t name any names.
10. I am on all social networks, even MySpace. I joined the various networks in order to expand my blog audience.

My nominees :
1. Aquileana
2. Ajoobacats
3. Jane Ridson
4. Juliacastorp
5. Iuliafloriana
6. Errinspelling
7. Michellechua24
8. Edwina’s Episodes
9. Blh25
10. Nanny Cool
11. Understandingdee
12. Shehanne Moore
13. Laurenpickens
14. Syn_Sunflower
15. Emily Nicole’s Story
16. Theblondehustle

About Emmanuel Muema

Hi, I'm Emmanuel Muema

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  1. Yaaay!!!! You did superfine.
    You love sleeping??? I aint judging you but ha.. that’s laziness..
    Hope the weekend is superb

    Liked by 1 person

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