My great friend Amy has nominated me for the Black Wolf Blogger Award. She is the owner of the blog La Audacia de Aquiles which is about Greek mythology. I sincerely thank her for my nomination. This is a new award and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It is a representative of the wolf, which is a positive symbolism : the wolf has great intelligence, a deep connection with instincts and an appetite for freedom.


This award has the following rules:

A. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Many many thanks, Amy.

B. Answer these 4 questions;
1. Which was the first book you have read?
The first book that I remember reading was The Famous Five.
2. Why do you blog?
In order to express my innermost thoughts and to connect with new people.
3. What inspires you?
The internet does quite often, and the loads of generous educators who usually share knowledge there.
4. Do you write what you live or live what you write?
I write what I live.

C. Nominate 15 other bloggers.
I nominate the following peeps;
1. Theblondehustle
2. Ajoobacats
3. Jane Ridson
4. Juliacastorp
5. Iuliafloriana
6. Errinspelling
7. Michellechua24
8. Edwina’s Episodes
9. Blh25
10. Nanny Cool
11. Understandingdee
12. Shehanne Moore
13. Laurenpickens
14. Syn_Sunflower
15. Emily Nicole’s Story

About Emmanuel Muema

Hi, I'm Emmanuel Muema, a blogger and a huge Lil Wayne's music quite a lot. Find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome mention dear Emmanu! ….
    I enjoyed reading your answers as well… Hugs and happy week to you. Aquileana ⭐

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  2. Great stuff, Emmanuel. Congrats and thank you. OOOH, a Black Wolf blogger award is awesome when one of my heroes is called the Black Wolf. We are away for the next few days but will get onto this when we get back.

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  3. You deserve to be. You’re a busy guy x

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  4. You blog a lot and on diff things too

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  5. May you get these likes x

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