The Kenyan music industry keeps growing each day. It has accommodated creative artistes, joyriders, wannabee’s and basic socialites who have no content and talent. Basically they have nothing better to offer other than the Acres of skin they show to be relevant.

It has been repeated time and time again, that the only way to grow the industry is by supporting each other. But this statement keeps falling on deaf ears. Most haters use their low esteem to break others thinking they can fix themselves.

Noti Flow is among the few who have nothing concrete to offer, therefore opt to attack others to gain mileage. She recently dissed Avril Nyambura’s figure claiming that she has lost it and she (Noti) is now the “it” thing. She said,

I met her (Avril) the other day and I could not even recognize her. She has lost that shape we all used to love when we were coming into music. She is no longer the sexiest girl in showbiz. I am.

I mean, look at Rihanna. She is still young and she has kept her good shape. What is wrong with Kenyan female singers? How do you let yourself look so bad? I mean…

Honestly, I love my body. I love looking good and letting my curves show. It is a thing all female artistes should maintain.


Noti Flow If you ask me, I think Avril has the best figure any African queen would ask for. Her curvaceous body always turn heads whenever she graces a place with her presence. So if Noti flow isnt just bitter cause of that, then I guess she is suffering from jealousy and I hope she gets well soon.

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Hi, I'm Emmanuel Muema, a blogger and a huge Lil Wayne's music quite a lot. Find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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