2nechi > 2pac and there is no freaking debate about that. Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper to ever hold the mic. Even if 2pac was alive today he could never be on the same level as Weezy. I’m pissed at people who say Pac was greater. There’s absolutely nothing dazzling about Shakur’s lyrics. Weezy is the shit. I would never diss Tune, but he is the type of nigga to rap, “Made a baby on the stairs, call that stepchild.” The lyric would totally make waves just because he said it. Here is a sample of why Wayne will always be the best rapper alive since time immemorial;

Then I start hopping around, like Jiminy Cricket.

Hold up, I gotta explain this one, Jiminy fucking Cricket, Jiminy fucking Cricket !!! Jiminy Cricket is a fictional character adapted by Disney into the animated film Pinocchio. As a cricket, Jiminy is known for hopping.
So this means that Wayne will disappear like an insect if the police are looking for him.

She ain’t got a lot of ass but I could work with her, nigga that’s my cup of tea, ah, burnt my tongue.

I was a match made in heaven when hell was a pile of wood.

I be killing them bitches, I hope all dogs go to heaven.

Had a phone in jail that’s a cellphone.

Stop drop roll and shake what her mama gave her.

Girl, Imma treat you like cake, till I get a sweet tooth toothache.

Kill you and your dog then put on a shirt that say “Peter for life.”

My powder room is for powder users.

I got some cocaine on the mirror, you can powder your face.

You can save all of your bullshit on your memory card.



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  1. I always preferred Biggie to Tupac but I got to disagree, although I don’t believe tupac is the “greatest rapper alive” I do feel to compare Lil Wayne and Tupac is kind of ridiculous as I feel they’re completely different rappers. I like some of both but I don’t think I could compare them . I just love Biggie too much XD lol

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  2. Nigga there is no fucking way you can compare Lil wayne to Shakur. No Fucking Way!

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