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Kenya’s most famous DJs has been forced to address a sex tape he is in after it went viral.

DJ Crème de la Crème has addressed his sex tape scandal for the first time – admitting his “enormous shame”.

Crème, who is Kenya’s best loved DJ, shocked many of his fans after he appeared in an intimate sex tape with a woman who was clearly not his wife.

In an emotional statement Crème, real name George Njuguna, apologised to the woman involved – Halima – rather than his wife.

He said sorry to Halima – the lady in the tape
He wrote: “My guilt is beyond doubt. My shame is enormous. I admit my wrong and take full responsibility for it.”

Saying sorry to his children but not directly his wife he said: “To my family, I truly I am sorry. You are my rock,the foundation upon which I find strength. I apologize for bringing shame to our trust, your names, persons’ and legacy.

“I humbly seek your forgiveness, your grace and mercy. Please forgive me. Thank you for holding my hand in my time of failure. You have always been and will always be my no 1 fans and for that I am grateful and will eternally be.

His wife Denise was not directly mentioned
The DJ feels a great sense of shame
“To my Son and Daughter. Daddy made mistakes in the past like any other human being but he still strives 2 be a better person for you and mum.”

And to the socialite involved in the tape, he wrote: To Halima, I apologize for the trouble that this has caused you, your daughter and your family. I am sorry for the exposure and ridicule that this whole situation has caused.”

Earlier this week the video – which sees him romping with Halima Nasir – was leaked online and soon went viral.

According to reports the video was shot way back in 2011 and had been “shopped” around to different outlets before being leaked.

The DJ is married to Denise- with whom he has been with for around nine years, however it is unclear if they are still together after the incident.

The couple have two children, a son Jamari and a daughter called Zawadi.

The DJ is known for being a family man – regularly posting pictures online of himself and his kids.

He previously said about parenthood: “I changed everything to make Denise and Jamari a priority in my life.”

Just hours after the video leaked online he shared a defiant picture with his family, writing: “Cooling with The Squad :)))”

Fans of the DJ have expressed their shock with many pointing out he is supposed to be a family man.


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