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Instagram is an enormous social networking platform, that evolved from being an app friends shared pictures with, to an app capable of launching businesses and sharing information around the world. So, whether you’re just someone who wants to impress your friends, or a business just starting out, here are some tips that are guaranteed to boost your followers.

1) Search semi-popular hashtags

Believe it or not, there are people out there that want followers and likes even more than you, and are willing follow you in return for an action as simple as a like.

Search the hashtags #followmeplease, #likeforfollow, #followmeifollowback, #likemyphoto, #followforinstantfollow, #pleasefollowme, #pleaselikemyphoto and other hashtags only users that are desperate for likes/follows will use, then like as many photos as you are willing to on each hashtag. You may also follow as many users as you like – they are almost guaranteed to follow back.

Stay away from the popular hashtags and hashtags used in apps like TagsForLikes, as there is a much less chance that they will follow you at all.

2) Use follower tracking apps to mass follow and unfollow

If you have an iPhone, search for “instagram tracker” or “instagram follow management.” There are quite a few good apps in the App Store, and personally I use Followers + by Tappple, which is a pretty good app to use. It is free for what we need it for, so no purchases are necessary. In this app though, do not buy the Insights extra – it is pretty much useless and I haven’t found a good use for it so far.

Once you’ve installed your Instagram management app, use the hashtags mentioned above and mass follow as many as you would like, however, Instagram has a follow limit of around 100-150 users per hour, so just wait until the limit passes, and you may begin following again.

Now, once you have done this, wait a day or two. Most of the people you followed should have followed back, but whoever did not follow you back will be tracked by your management app, and you may unfollow all of them if you wish.

You may keep doing this process until you have reached your satisfied amount of followers, and should have at least an equal follower to following ratio, and if not more followers than you are following.

3) Get shoutouts from big accounts

Search the username “shoutouts” in Instagram. You will want to recieve a shoutout from one of the accounts that show up in the top 10. Check all of them and note down which accounts have websites. Around half of these accounts should have websites in their bios that take you to a shoutouts website.

If you take a look at these websites, most will want you to pay for a shoutout – around $16 dollars or so, but a few sites will have an option for a free shoutout. These are good websites to use if you want a shoutout but don’t want to spend your money on it, like here.

If you are willing to spend a few dollars, there are sites that offer cheap timed shoutouts or permanent shoutouts on their accounts, like here, but be sure the site you go to is trustworthy before using it.

BE SURE to have a quality, UNPRIVATE account with good photos if you wish to gain any followers from any shoutouts! This is key to maximizing your shoutout.

4) Comment actively on photos in the popular tab

Following users who get on the popular page or liking their photos will pretty much get you nowhere in terms of gaining followers, but commenting and replying to others who comment may gain you a few followers here and there. It may not seem like a lot at first, but they add up over time and you can get quite a bit.

Now, there is a BIG difference between spammy comments and quality comments that make others want to follow you. If you leave anything that even looks like spam, no one will follow you, so leave good comments and replies to users commenting on photos in the popular page.

People enjoy having a good laugh, so say you come up with a brilliant joke that is related to the photo and comment it – if people find that comment funny, they will want to see more and know a little more about you, which just might boost your follower count.

5) Use like-for-like or follow-for-follow type apps

If you search “instagram followers” in the App Store, you will find a few apps that say things like “Get more Instagram likes” and “Get more Instagram followers” or something along those lines. These apps will give you coins in return for liking/following other users, then you may spend these coins to get followers and likes.

ALWAYS BE SURE that when you sign into your Instagram account from these types of apps that you sign in on a page that looks like this then takes you to a screen that lets you authorize that app to access your Instagram account. If not, the app developers may be able to access your Instagram account information. Be sure to change your Instagram password if you have signed into an app that did not use that Instagram API.

Once you have installed a like-for-like or follow-for-follow app, like or follow as many people as you would like to earn coins, then once you earn enough, start spending!

So, these are a few helpful tips to boost your follower count, I can pretty much guarantee you that these steps will help you gain many followers! The more work you put into it, the better the results you will get!

Have any suggestions? Leave it in the comments! It may even get featured in this post!




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