Female rapper Njeri has addressed the ‘Who Is King’ debate in a blazing hot diss track.

Titled, “No King”, the Nduta hitmaker is spitting fire, firing shots, and dropping bombs. She does not spare anyone. From Juliani who apparently needs a walking stick since he has been in the game for way too long, to Khaligraph Jones who apparently knows the direction to Sabina Joy brothel more than anyone else, to Shiko FemiOne, to King Kaka, to MCSK, to hitmakers of ‘Dandia.’

Give it a listen below.

finger finger finger finger

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Here are the lyrics.


One Two, One Two,

I know you wanna listen to me,

Ndio Mnicopy,

Relax Niggas,

Imma give you free copies,

I don’t need favors,

Coz I wasn’t looking for Herpes,

Oh Please, trust me,

I don’t have to get to the top but

Not on top of you

Coz I don’t want to play for Theme D Nigga,

Check my middle finger,

Juu me sipendangi Ujinga,

say I got attitude,

Coz I dint flap with the DJ,

Next thing you know, he be asking for a BJ,

My Boy,

Cheki, Uliza Khali direction za Sabina Joy,

What Kinda business is this shit my nigga?

Hold up Hold up gotta fix this, ID car

Is that the reason we got so few FeMcees?,

And Stella had to get all the way from Overseas,

To come and show me love

When all y’all local bury your heads in the sand,

Mkijifanya eti kisapere hamu-understand,

Kumbe mlicheki kumethoka,

And your fake Empires about to poromoka,

What happened to girl power,

Skill for skill let’s empower,

Ama ni vitu tunaona kwa movie kama Empire

It was never my intention to diss you,

Coz Hiphop was meant to address serious issues,

Kama 70% airplay,

Cheki MCSK when is our pay day?

CK naskiza tenje niskie Ukoo Flani,

But vitu naskia tu ni MaFala Flani,

Kwa mfano,

Ngoma ka Kudandia Matatu,

Surely, Kungekua na King, Nawaambia nyi watatu,

Mmoja wenyu angalau angekua na private jet anafly,

Coz mashilingi tu ni Kelele, Numbers don’t lie,

Mngekua real mngejua Hiphop ni culture ya love,

So, hii story ya sijui Who is King, Who is above,

Nabado hata hamchezwi international

Na juu nimewaambia najua mtaitake it personal,

Some of you are still steady hopping angalau nunua ka personal

Banture Brikicho,

Si ucome nikushow,

Kuna vile umebebewa akili joh,

So wacha nikusare,

Kabla uandikiwe mistare,

Siitaji kuwa ligi soh

Nani anataka soh,

me hudeal na madollar,

Ona Ona Oge Dora,

Kama mimi ni Nakumatt,

Weh ungekua Uchumi ama mmesora,

Wengine wenyu wamezeeka kwa hii game, shika bakora,

Akh! Hata Nimechoka

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