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When Adele released her hit single Hello after a five-year hiatus from the music industry, it sent shockwaves across the world and many covers popped up across the interwebs.
The first Kenyan cover, a Swahili rendition by Dela Maranga, got rave reviews-but a second one has got Kenyans denouncing their countryman on Twitter.
Gospel singer, Jimmy Gait, on Monday released a Christian rendition of the soulful love ballad and Kenyans on social media would have none of it.
Gait takes the persona of God, speaking to a ‘prodigal child’ about changing their ways. From having chips fungas to drinking too much and forgetting their faith-Gait serenades a lost believer “from the other side” atop an upbeat track.
Within a matter of hours, the song’s YouTube video had received nearly 300 dislikes compared to 64 likes. Sadly, that was just a tip of the iceberg.
Kenyans on social media ruthlessly hit out at the gospel singer, with many making fun of his interpretation of the hit single.

Here are some of the reactions.
Kenyan vocalist Dela has translated the song into Kiswahili to critical acclaim and favourable reviews by several international blogs. Jimmy Gait may have counted on the same favour by recording a gospel version of the song.
Unfortunately, his version has fallen flat and, for all his trouble, he has attracted the wrath and mockery of Kenyans after sharing the audio on YouTube which has been met with acerbic comments.
Richie ROJA’S 360-DEGREES TV wrote: “Hii ndio inaitwa cover ya kumrudisha nyoka pangoni. Christ is about to descend” (This is the cover that will take the snake back to the hole. Christ is about to descend)
Another user, TheSimbaress, wrote an apology to Adele, alluding to former Inspector General David Kimaiyo’s famous “sieke” gaffe:
“Dear Adele, on behalf of all Kenyans… all 42 million of us and even the unborn future generations… I sincerely apologise for this atrocity. We collectively express our heartfelt condolences for this sieke (siege) and massacre of your beautiful song. Our embarrassment is forever engraved on the Internet. Signed, Kenya.
“Adele, we do not know this Jimmy Gait guy. He is not Kenyan. We suspect Donald Trump paid him to spoil our name,” wrote Kavoi Simon.
Others ridiculed his musical abilities, likening his song to—among many other things—a lullaby.
Samantha Mwenda commented: “If a virus had a sound, it would be this. I just want to run a malware scan on this song”
“Ati mtoto akikataa kukula unamwekea hii song” (When a child refuses to eat, you play this song to it) stated John Githambo while other users regretted listening to the song in the first place.
“I’m now going to reflect on which poor life choices led me here,” John Kamau wrote.
In their usual creativity, some even incorporated Jimmy Gait’s better known lyrics in their take down of him.
“This is why you wish the original Jews from Jesus Era were still alive, this one they would have taken outside the City gates and stoned, this dude can’t even sing his own songs properly then takes perhaps the best song ever by Adele and turns it into a Muhadhara. Can’t wait for him to do a video of this prank and try to incorporate FuriFuri dance somewhere… on second thought maybe this cover is not real am hoping Its just a drill,” Kennedy Ngugi posted.
Kennedy Ngugi Comments on the audio was uploaded on YouTube on December 19 continues to amass comments every second.
The video that was uploaded on December 19, has already amassed 27,000 views and counting. It has so far received 700 comments and from the look of it, the cruel onslaught is likely to continue.


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