Fabuluos news guys! Kenyan songbird Avril Nyambura is currently a single lady after being dumped by her fiance prior to the wedding that was supposed to take place towards the end of this year. Trending Post can confirm that Avril Nyambura and Muga stopped dating about two months ago after Avril was treated with a break up trip to Dubai.

The rumor of Avril Nyambura breaking up with her “South African” boyfriend started spreading on Valentine’s day after photos of Muga hanging out with Namibian beauty Dillish Mathews began doing rounds on social media. 14th Feb was supposed to be the day when loved ones spend the day together but Avril Nyambura was in Kakamega with another guy and Muga was with 2013 BBA winner.

On 17th Feb, Trending Post did a story about This Is The Guy Avril Nyambura Went Out With During Valentine’s Day While Her Fiance Was Hanging Out With A Namibian Female Celebrity where we stated that Avril Nyambura had already unfollowed her fiance on Instagram. However, apart from all these assumptions, a source close to Muga tipped and revealed to Trending Post that the couple broke up after coming back from Dubai.

The source added that Avril Nyambura and her boyfriend went to Dubai trying to mend their broken relationship because Avril Nyambura was constantly nagging Muga about the long awaited wedding. Namibian beauty and 2013 BBA winner Dillish Mathews allegedly hooked up with Muga in January unfortunately according to our source, Muga’s love for Dillish Mathews isn’t reciprocated.

Muga loves Dilish Mathews so much but the Namibian beauty isn’t feeling the vibe since she is already in a another relationship.

avril nyambura and muga

The main reason why Muga posted photos with Dillish Mathews was just to get media attention because he wanted to promote Dillish`s cosmetic line. Our source also claims that Muga was not in love with Avril Nyambura but was just using her fame to get recognized by prominent people in order to get ahead in the business/entertainment circle in Kenya.

Avril’s Ex-fiance is a FRAUD/CON/EXPLOITER

Muga who usually calls himself a South African is in fact a Zimbabwean who went to the UK and got his UK status by marrying a Briton and later came back to live in South Africa. Muga, whose real name is Tinashe Leslie Mugadza is still married to that person hence he can`t marry Avril. Poor Avril!! Muga is not a rich guy as he purports to be but a wannabe millionaire. Our reliable source exclusively stated to us that Muga is rumored to be working in the aviation industry which explains why he is always traveling. Muga is living a lie, he steals people`s photos to impress women. There`s a guy on Instagram that he follows by the name of Sir Wicknell, a very rich Zimbabwean. Muga steals his pics to make his wicked moves on unsuspecting women. Sad enough, our own songstress Avril Nyambura happened to have fallen to his trap.

It is so sad to find out that Avril Nyambura has been wanting to get married to this Zimbabwean clown who exploited her kindness. Apparently, Avril Nyambura has been trying to scrap off lesbian allegations by being a wife. Muga uses the name Leslie Motsepe within his circle though his real name is Tinashe Leslie Mugadza, for proof, google “Leslie Motsepe” and the first image of a man wearing a black blazer is Muga’s. Photo below;

tinashe leslie mugadza
When you google “tinashe leslie mugadza”
Trending Post was also tipped off that Avril Nyambura’s ex fiance is a liar who uses women to get what he wants. These are the words from the source;
He lies too much, he once made claims that he dated Mnnie Dlamini, a South African celebrity, only to find out that it`s all lies. He`s also involved in other shaddy businesses with a woman from Atlanta. Something about “helping” Africans to get American Green Card. I just hope Dillish knows that Muga is not who he says he is.
Still not sure if Avril Nyambura is single? DM her on Instagram and find out. We tried to reach out to Avril Nyambura on phone but it seemingly occurs that she doesn’t want anything to do with the break up rumor. We are still waiting for her to open up to her fans concerning the issue with her fiance so keep it locked.

By Emmanuel Muema

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