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“Kim” is a song by American rapper Eminem which appears on his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP. The song reflects intense anger and hatred toward Eminem’s then-wife Kim Mathers and features Eminem imitating her voice, and ends with Eminem killing Kim and placing her corpse into the trunk of his car. Eminem wrote this song, along with “’97 Bonnie & Clyde” (where Eminem and his daughter go to the lake to dispose of Kim’s dead body), at a time when he and Kim were having marital problems and Kim was preventing him from seeing his daughter Hailie.

On the clean version of The Marshall Mathers LP, this song is replaced by a clean version of “The Kids” (an unedited version can be found on the CD single of “The Way I Am”, the UK and deluxe editions of The Marshall Mathers LP).

Ever since they met in 1989, Eminem and Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott have had an on-and-off relationship. They had a daughter together named Hailie Jade, who was born on Christmas Day 1995. The couple married in 1999 and divorced in 2001, later re-married in 2006 and divorced that same year. “Kim” is the second song by Eminem about Kim, the first being “’97 Bonnie & Clyde” from his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP (1999). An instrumental version of the song is played at the start of the music video of “The Way I Am”.

Eminem is both emotional and aggressive throughout the entire song, as the song portrays him murdering Kim.[1] The song begins with Eminem in Kim’s home (after murdering her husband and her stepson). Eminem is talking calmly to their daughter, who is sleeping, and subsequently starts to shout verbal abuse at Kim, which remains a common element throughout the entire song. Eminem sings “So long, bitch you did me so wrong/I don’t want to go on living in this world without you” in the hook two times.

In the second verse, the setting changes to Eminem and Kim in a car. During the verse, he shouts “There’s a four year old little boy laying dead with a slit throat in your living room!”. In the album version of the song, the words “four” and “boy” are censored, because of the Columbine High School massacre and its reference to child murder. An uncensored, rare version of “Kim” was leaked into the internet, before the massacre and album release, which was titled “Bitch So Wrong”, which doesn’t censor the words “four” and “boy”, but has bad quality and is slightly different from the album version: It doesn’t have the intro and outro, smashes are not heard when he says “This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine”, the truck’s horn is different when he says “What the fuck’s this guy’s problem on the side of me?!”, and rustling is not heard in the woods when Kim is running away from Eminem. The chorus of the uncensored version is also different from the album version, with the album version echoing Eminem’s voice, the choruses sound different each time in the uncensored version, but the last chorus is similar to the choruses of the album version. The song continues with Eminem driving frantically through traffic, and stopping in the woods, where Kim tries to run away, but fails. The final verse ends with Eminem slitting Kim’s throat, while screaming “Bleed, bitch! Bleed!”. The song then ends in a prolonged outro during which the listener can hear a skit called “Mommy”, which was released on The Slim Shady EP, which was placed before “Just the Two of Us”. The skit includes sounds of a dead body being dragged through the grass and thrown into the trunk of a car. This same skit is played as the beginning of “97′ Bonnie & Clyde” (a later remastered version of “Just the Two of Us” from The Slim Shady EP), indicating the association between the two songs and the direct chronology of events.


The Rolling Stone album review of The Marshall Mathers LP stated that:

Things degenerate from there into the mountain of bile reserved for Kim, the mother of his baby and the star of the world’s most public ongoing murder fantasy […] ‘Kim’ has Eminem screaming at his ex in an insane stream-of-consciousness hate spew. There’s little humor to blunt the shock of the hellbent animosity of ‘Kim.’ What makes it powerful is that, of course, he doesn’t just hate her. It’s the most harrowing sick-love song since Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Used to Love Her.'[2]

While Entertainment Weekly wrote that:

‘Kim’, a prequel to ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ is a shout-rapped enactment of domestic violence so real it chills… ‘Stan’ and ‘Kim’ blaze significant new ground for rap.

Complex ranked “Kim” at #21 on their list of the 25 most violent rap songs of all time[4] and at #4 on their list of the 25 most depressing rap songs.


1. “Superman”
Good Lordy whoadie, you must be gone off that water bottle
You want what you can’t have, ooh girl that’s too damn bad
Don’t touch what you can’t grab, end up with two backhands
Put anthrax on a Tampax, and slap you ’til you can’t stand
Girl you just blew your chance, don’t mean to ruin your plans.

2. “My Name Is”
My English teacher wanted to flunk me in Junior High
Thanks a lot, next semester I’ll be thirty-five
I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased him with a stapler
And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers
Walked in the strip club, had my jacket zipped up
Flashed the bartender, then stuck my dick in her tip cup.

3. “Just Lose It”
I get a little bit out of control with my rhymes
Good God, dip, do a little slide
Bend down, touch your toes and just glide
Up the center of the dance floor
Like TP for my bunghole.

4. “The Real Slim Shady”
It’s funny; cause at the rate I’m going when I’m thirty
I’ll be the only person in the nursing home flirting
Pinching nurses asses when I’m jacking off with Jergens
And I’m jerkin but this whole bag of Viagra isn’t working
And every single person is a Slim Shady lurking
He could be working at Burger King, spitting on your onion rings
Or in the parking lot, circling
Screaming “I don’t give a fuck!”

5. “Brain Damage”
Way before my baby daughter Hailey
I was harassed daily by this fat kid named D’Angelo Bailey
An eighth grader who acted obnoxious, cause his father boxes
so everyday he’d shove me in the lockers
One day he came in the bathroom while I was pissin
And had me in the position to beat me into submission
He banged my head against the urinal til he broke my nose,
Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat.

6. “Still Don’t Give a Fuck”
I walked into a gunfight with a knife to kill you
And cut you so fast when your blood spilled it was still blue
I’ll hang you til you dangle and chain you with both ankles
And pull you apart from both angles
I wanna crush your skull til your brains leaks out of your veins
And bust open like broken water mains.

7. “Insane”
Don’t you know what felch means? (yeah), well then tell me would you rather get felched or do the felching
Fuck him in the ass, suck the cum out while you’re belching
Burp, belch, then go back for a second helping Can you dig what I’m sayin’ man, can you smell me?
I want you to feel me like my stepfather felt me.

8. “I’m Shady”
I just wanna make a few things clear
My baby mama’s not dead she’s still alive and bitchin’
And I don’t have herpes, my dick’s just itchin’
It’s not syphilis, and as for being AIDS infested
I don’t know yet, I’m too scared to get tested.

9. “Role Model”
I came to the club drunk with a fake ID
Don’t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I’ve been with 10 women who got HIV
Now don’t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I got genital warts and it burns when I pee
Don’t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree
You probably wanna grow up to be just like me!

10. “Shit On You”
I’ll Shit On You! I’ll spit on you
Start pissing and do the opposite on you
You weren’t listening, I said I’ll cop a squat on you
Start spilling my guts like chicken cordon blew and
Straight shit like Notorious B.I.G. did to that bitch
on his skit on his last album
Pull my pants down and…

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Lil Wayne will stay with Cash Money and Birdman if they pay up the money he’s owed. If Cash Money pays up, Wayne will have no choice but to stay. Sources involved in the case tell me that Wayne feels Birdman’s decision to avoid paying him is nothing more than a power play. There are 2 payments that have irked Wayne ; he says that he was owed $8 million when he went in to the studio to record ‘Tha Carter V’ in December 2013, and another $2 million when he completed the album last month. I’m told the hope is that Universal, which distributes Cash Money Records, will step in and earmark the $10 million for Wayne. I’m also told Universal is already putting pressure on Cash Money to settle. If Cash Money pays Wayne the $10 mil, it would essentially eliminate any breach of contract. That means Wayne would have no legal basis to ask out of the contract. Even though Wayne’s suing for $51 million, most of that is predicated on future lost profits which would not be an issue if they settle. As for the release of ‘Tha Carter V’, even if the case settles the power would being Birdman’s claws.

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If you watched Lil Wayne’s public service announcement last night,you would have seen that Wayne showed off a tentative tracklisting for his upcoming Tha Carter V album, which we know now will be released in two parts with the first part dropping on December 9th. From looking at the tracklist,you can see that Drake , Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Reginae Carter, Mikky Ekko, B.o.B, Flow, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Christina Milian, Young Jeezy and Gudda Gudda will all be featured on C5. Weezy did mention on the PSA that there will be more songs added, so don’t expect the tracklist we saw to be exact when the final project is released. Mannie Fresh is not listed as a feature and yet he confirmed that he would be appearing on the album various times. The song ‘Side Bitch’ is also not listed. You can checkout the tentative tracklist below. What are your thoughts on the features and song titles for Tha Carter V so far Wayniacs?

Tha Carter V Tracklist
Part 1:
1. Better Get ‘Em
2. Start This Shit Off Right (featuring Christina Milian)
3. Light Up (featuring Justin Timberlake)
4. Believe Me (featuring Drake)
5. Open Safe
6. Take It Slow
7. Mute (featuring Big Sean)
8. Start A Fire (featuring Christina Milian)
9. Famous (featuring Reginae Carter)
10. Mona Lisa (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
11. Moral To The Story
12. Sin/Sip (featuring 2 Chainz)
13. Scottie Pippen
14. Life Of Mr. Carter
15. St. Louis
Part 2:
1. She Said Better Get‘Em
2. Gotti (featuring TheLox)
3. Grindin’ (featuring Young Jeezy and Young Thug)
4. Holy
5. Just Chill (featuring Justin Bieber)
6. If I Don’t She’s Mine
7. Shake It
8. Velvet
9. Form Good
10. Good Poison (featuring Mikky Ekko)
11. No Brainer (featuring Flow)
12. Never Really Mattered(featuring Nicki Minaj)
13. Brad Pitt (featuring B.O.B)
14. ManoY Mano (featuring Gudda Gudda)
15. Murda(featuring Flow)
16. Let It All Work Out


You can watch Wayne’s PSA here.




Tunechi Tunechi Tunechi, tha greatest/best rapper alive. Listening to Tune is definitely eargasmic because of his wicked flow and amazing use of metaphors on his lyrics. I always get a chuckle when enjoying Wayne’s tracks.




Today was a great day, I achieved my goal of downloading every single Lil Wayne song there is. I’m more than overjoyed. Now all I’m waiting for is Tune’s book, Gone Till November, to be released to the public. I’m definitely purchasing it. It will be the only book I will never regret buying.





Lil Wayne, Lil Tunechi, Lil Weezy, Weezy F. Baby or Lil Tune is tha greatest rapper to ever walk the face of the earth. I am the biggest Lil Wayne fan alive. Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Emmanuel Muema, the only owner of this website Welcome To Emmanuel Muema’s WordPress Blog. That’s enough intro for now, allow me to get back to the topic of discussion. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil Tunechi) is quite a smart guy. He got straight A’s when he was in school. Listening to Weezy helped me to get through a really dark and messed up period in my life. Then I got hooked on listening to his tunes. I just can’t get enough of his music. It doesn’t matter one bit to me that he recently got an eye tattoo on his chin. He is still freaking awesome. He is free to do anything that he wants, especially after being locked up in Rikers Island for eight months. That must have been quite a bad experience. Looking on the bright side though, it resulted in Wayne writing a book (well, it’s more of a journal than a book but oh well, I’m definitely gonna purchase that ish) which is generally about his friends, family, fame ,success, past and the future. The book will be titled ‘Gone Till November’. This reminds me of his lyrics in the track ‘Miss Me’ ; ‘And I’ll be gone till November, but fuck it I aint trippin, I know Drizzy’s gonna kill em’. Anyway, all my fellow Wayniacs know that Tunechi has a deep love for tattoos. He even has a smiley face tattooed on the inner side of his lower lip. If you want to see pictures of all his tattoos click on this link ; All Of Lil Wayne’s Tattoos. I really don’t care if people think that I’m obsessed with Tune. I would like y’all to know that I’m a very clean dude in terms of my blood system. That means that I don’t drink alcohol, smoke weed, shisha or cigarettes. I don’t use any drugs at all. Just because I listen to Wayne doesn’t mean that I am a stoner or that I usually hit blunts. My only addiction is listening to Tunechi. It’s an addiction that I am certainly proud of. In the morning when I wake up and late at night before I sleep I have to inject myself with a heavy dosage of Lil Tune’s music. Every time I listen to Wayne, I experience a kind of high that no drug in this world can ever achieve. I get super psyched up and energized. I become utterly lost in Wayne’s World because I’m in my own zone at that moment. Whenever I hear the lighter sound that Lil Wayne makes , I know that shit is about to get real. If you haven’t noticed the flicking of a lighter at the beginning of every Lil Wayne song then you are not a true Wayniac. Each morning when I wake up I look forward to the fact that I will listen to a new Lil Wayne track. I get excited knowing that Tune is recording more and more hits for us fans. Everyone has to have something that gives them an energy boost or a drive to struggle with the ups and downs of life since it is never a smooth ride. Almost every human being uses a substance that gets them high like alcohol or crystal meth or weed. I don’t use any of that ish, I only use Wayne’s music as a source of motivation and to rejuvenate myself whenever I’m feeling down. I sat down and calculated that I don’t have enough money to feed or sustain an addiction to any type of drug therefore I decided to be a hardcore Tunechi addict/fan. I’m currently in university so I don’t have a job yet. I haven’t started grinding or hustling that mullah yet. At least when I start working I know that I will be looking forward to the end of the day so that I can unwind and listen to a smooth track like ‘Mirror.’ Alcohol is a waste of money to me. I would rather spend 50 US dollars to buy 5 GB of data bundles and surf the internet than waste it on hangovers and headaches which are consequences of booze. You may label me as an internet addict, I totally don’t mind. As long as I have an internet connection I’m connected to Lil Wayne. I can definitely be able to stream and download his music. Since I already bought a laptop worth 1000 US Dollars, my next goal is to buy a Samsung Smartphone worth 500 US Dollars (45,000 Kenyan Shillings). My new smartphone has to have a 6-inch screen and use the latest android version which is Android 5.0 Lollipop. Feel free to check out my post about Lil Wayne’s smartest lyrics . I listened to his songs and typed down the funniest and dopest lyrics that I heard. I did not copy-paste them from any website whatsoever. It really was hard work but I managed to write down a thousand of Wayne’s best lyrics that I have ever heard so that you fine peeps can enjoy reading ad understanding them. At the moment, I only have 724 of Lil Tune’s songs. According to, Weezy has a total of 1575+ songs. I have a goal of downloading every song, freestyle or leak that Tune has ever recorded. I recently bought a 32 GB memory card to ensure that I can fit all of Tune’s tunes in there. I had to have the songs on my phone for easier portability. I still have a backup of the tracks in my laptop but obviously you can’t carry a laptop everywhere. Damn, I really wish I could have been able to attend the Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour . It was the best concert of 2014. I watched the coverage of the tour on You Tube and it was simply amazing. The crowd had so much energy as they rapped along to Tunechi’s lyrics. They were extremely psyched up and super high on adrenaline. I would recommend that you watch the tour on your television or laptop using headphones. It’s the illest experience ever and I guarantee that you will truly feel the energy and joy of the crowd. It almost makes you feel as if you were there in person. I love how Wayne would stop rapping for about 15 seconds and let the crowd finish his lyrics for him. For example in the song, ‘The Motto’ where he let them rap the most famous part of the lyrics which is, ‘Oh, my God, Becky look at her butt, Tunechi !!!’ or in Pop Bottles where he let the crowd shout, ‘Shut up bitch, Swallow !!!’ The fact that they were finishing his lyrics for him shows that only true Wayniacs were in attendance. When you listen to music you have to pay attention to and comprehend the lyrics too. You just can’t listen to the beats or instrumentals only. I live in Kenya and the tour was in the United States, in another freaking continent so the air ticket would definitely have been expensive as fuck. That’s too bad for me. I love Trukfit , which is Tune’s clothing line. TRUKFIT means The Reason U Kill For I T. I wrote an article about it quite some time ago. You can comb through my blog to find it or you can simply go to the search box and type the word Trukfit and click the magnifying glass icon. I recently bought Trukfit apparel (clothing) worth 450 US Dollars. Click on this link to view them. I’ll never get tired of purchasing new Trukfit outfits. They are too dope, especially the ones with zebra print on them. Most of the apparel with zebra print tend to be hoodies. The money that I spend on Trukfit is always worth it. If you want to, you can watch my You Tube Video about Trukfit. Kindly show your support by giving My Facebook Page a ‘Like‘ , will you? I gotta admit I was pretty disappointed that Tha Carter 5 didn’t drop on the scheduled date. It should have been released to us hungry fans on 9th December but Cash Money Records let us down. Initially the album was supposed to come out on October 28th. But the upside to all this shit about Tune wanting to leave Cash Money due to disagreements and the pushback of C5 is that we will get a bonus album titled ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’. Yaaaaaaay!!! I’m really glad that all the Wayniacs showed their support by trending the topic #FreeC5 on twitter. I did my part and started another online petition for Tha Carter V to be released before Christmas. It would have been the illest present ever. C5 is the only thing that I wanted for Christmas. I’m triple sure that C5 will come out because Tunechi can never let his fans down. He worked too hard on that album so definitely it has to be released to us fans. I know that he gave that album his all because in the song ‘We Alright’ he raps, ‘I’m working on that Carter 5, I got this bitch in fifth gear.’ It’s wonderful to know that the album will be in two parts, C5 Part and C5 Part 2. This means that it will have 31 songs or more. While watching all the episodes of Weezy Wednesdays, I could tell how dedicated Tune has been to the recording and production of C5. I’m really waiting for the song ‘Side Bitch’ to drop. It’s one of the sickest tunes from Tha Carter V. We were only given a 15-second preview of it in Weezy Wednesdays Episode 14. The good news though is that Tune is taking Cash Money and Baby to court. You go Wayne, sue their asses for every dime that they have. Weezy Wednesdays Series is just superb. It’s great that Wayne decided to give us fans a sneak peek into his daily life. My favourite episode is Weezy Wednesdays Episode 13 where Tune records Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up . The best Lil Wayne lyric of 2013 is definitely from the track ‘Pop That’. The lyric is too explicit and goes like this,’Bitch, stop talking that shit, and suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit !!!’. Even Nicki Minaj has mentioned it quite a number of times. In track ‘D’usse’ Lil Tune goes HAM-est !!! And yes, HAM-est is a word that I just made up right now. If Beyonce managed to put the word bootylicious in the dictionary then I’m sure that there is space for HAM-est in there, right? Okay, enough random news, let me get back on track. I couldn’t care less if someone thinks that I don’t know how to have fun due to the fact that I hate alcohol and drugs. Life is too short to be bothered about other people’s opinion of you. You just gotta live your life exactly the way you want to. This is clearly depicted right here in this funny meme.
Currently I have all this money but not even one note is going towards the purchase of drugs. I would rather spend it on downloading Wayne’s music and buying Trukfit apparel.
Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness was definitely wrong. “Money can’t buy happiness??? Well it buys a jet ski…Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski? It’s impossible to be sad on a jet ski.”
Have a look at some of my Trukfit clothing.
The first time laid eyes on this trouser that Weezy is wearing I fuckin loved it. I gotta get some Trukfit pants like those. I like how the trousers have graffiti all over them that says ‘Truk Yo Life’, ‘Truk Da Wurl’ and ‘Truk Life’. The photo below is from the live performance of the song ‘High School’ at the Billboard Music Awards.
The happiest moment of my life is when Trukfit’s Official Instagram Account liked my photo on Instagram.
Here is the picture;

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It was such an huge honour !!! I immediately wrote an article (post) about it. When I shared my article on twitter, Trukfit’s Official Twitter Account retweeted my tweet. Wow, it must have been my lucky day. Speaking of twitter, I personally think that they should do away with the 140 character limit. They should let us freely express ourselves and let the Drake inside be free as a bird. Enough about Twirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am an amazing artist and my favourite drawings are graffitis. This drawing of The Mirror Effect was inspired by the song ‘Mirror’ by Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars.
This next drawing was inspired by a special someone. A crush I had when I was in primary school in the year 2004. That’s 10 years ago but Dorcas will always hold a special place in my heart. She is so effin gorgeous. Lots of love bae.
If you want to see more of my drawings click on the link Emmanuel’s Graffiti. I also have a video on You Tube where I display all my drawings. My works of art are about a 100 in total.
As I wait for Tha Carter 5 to drop, I’m just enjoyin Tunechi’s latest song, ‘Truffle Butter’.
My favourite lines from this song are ;
“L-O-L to the bank checkin’ my account
Bank teller flirtin’ after checkin’ my account
Pretty ladies, are you here?
Truffle butter on your pussy.”
“Can I hit it in the bathroom?
Put your hands on the toilet
I’ll put one leg on the tub
Girl, this my new dance move
I just don’t know what to call it
But bitch you dancing with the stars.”
Here are two pictures of me, truking da wurl.
Here I am, rocking Wayne’s tear drop tattoos.
I just freaking love how Tune’s lyrics always have some metaphorical content which is funny as hell.
For example these lyrics from the song ‘500 Degrees’ featuring Tyga.
“Uh, Tunechi over bitches, smokin’ colour purple
Blunt fat as Oprah Winfrey, I’m the nigga
The nigga, nigga, the nigga, nigga
I be snappin’, I hope you get the bigger picture
I say fuck that nigga that you fuckin’
She say that nigga rap, I say he couldn’t wrap a mummy
But let me pass the weed and stop passin’ judgement
Before I have to beat him like a dick, he had it comin’
Been eating so much pussy, man I’m startin’ to get chubby
Schoolin’ motherfuckers,I’m their favorite subject
Broomstick in my pants, I’m ’bout to go witch huntin’
I’m already loaded, these niggas still bufferin’
I fuck my girlfriend and her best friend, these niggas is lesbians
Don’t cross me like a pedestrian, I’m getting head watchin’ ESPN
She holdin’ me and carressin’ me
Don’t hate the player, hate the referee
If she F with me, I am definitely a necessity.”
My favourite lyric from ‘500 Degrees’ is definitely this one;
‘Been eating so much pussy, man I’m startin’ to get chubby’
Let me break down that line for you. Tune means that he has given so many women oral sex (cunt jobs) that he is actually growing healthier and fatter. It’s quite impossible to grow fat from eating pussy since you don’t usually swallow it and get nutrients from it like the way we do to food. Hahaha. That lyric gives me really hard laugh. It’s just a pure genius at work.
The line ‘Before I have to beat him like a dick, he had it comin’ is derived from the expression beating your dick which is masturbating (wanking). Wayne means that he will physically assault that nigga hard, the same way a man wanks. Tune also says that the nigga who he will beat up had it coming. The word coming rhymes with cumming which is the act of having an orgasm or ejaculating. Obviously the end-result of wanking is cumming.
The line ‘I’m already loaded, these niggas still bufferin’ means that Wayne is loaded from the drugs and alcohol/syrup (as well as in life… he made it), while niggas are still catching up and they’re boring just like waiting for the buffering to finish. Buffering is the process whereby a video on You Tube has to load before you can watch it. Buffering is commonly experienced when you are have a slow internet connection.
The song ‘Gotti’ is from Tha Carter 5. My favourite lyrics are definitely the dirtiest ones ;
“Look you put a knot on the end of a condom full of drugs and put it in her pussy,
And get through customs,cause last time we just took ’em.”
“Mama I’m in love with a hot girl, and they just don’t get it….”
I love this song sooo fucking much. My favourite lyrics are ;
“She ridin’ me like a street car named Desire
Stop, drop, roll, and shake what her mama gave her
Clap that ass like the choir”
I’m amazed at how Tune has incorporated the number one rule of fire, stop drop and roll, into the lyrics of this song. I would give this track 11 out of 10. It is out of this world. The chemistry (love) between Lil Weezy and Christina Milian can be clearly felt in this song.
Twerk Season is another dope hit where Wayne’s smartness is clearly displayed. The dopest lyrics from that track are ;
“I want a slim fine woman with some twerk with her
She ain’t got no nosy friends, just a purse with her
She ain’t got a lot of ass, but I can work with her
Nigga that’s my cup of tea, ha, burnt my tongue.”
The expression or idiom ‘it’s my cup of tea’ means that it is one’s best choice or preference. It is used to describe an activity you enjoy a whole lot. The cup of tea in this expression is just a figure of speech and therefore it is virtual. Virtual tea can never burn you let alone be drinkable. Wayne twists this around and says that he has burnt his tongue by drinking that cup of tea when it was too hot. That’s quite impossible and thus very clever of him.
After hearing he song ‘Live Life’ from ‘Dedication 5’ here is how I rank the worldly pleasures of life according to their importance ;
1. Listening to Lil Wayne’s music.
2. Having sex.
3. Taking a hot shower.
4. Eating.
5. Sleeping.
The song ‘She Will’ is just overflowing with smart lyrics, metaphors and similes. It’s gonna take forever to explain them all so I’ll just opt to skip that. Most of them are self-explanatory and quite easily understandable.
“I tell her ‘now go and pop that pussy for a real nigga’
I already know that life is deep, but I still dig her
Niggas is jealous, but really I could care less
I’m in hell’s kitchen with an apron and a hair net
Devil on my shoulder, the Lord as my witness
So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness
What goes around, comes around like a hula hoop
Karma is a bitch? well just make sure that bitch is beautiful
Life on the edge, I’m dangling my feet
I tried to pay attention but attention paid me
Haters can’t see me, nose bleed seats
And today I went shopping, and talk is still cheap
I rock to the beat of my drum set
I’ve been at the top for a while and I ain’t jump yet
Haha, but I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit
Now jump up on that dick and do a full split.”
“Yeah, I tell her : ‘now go and pop that pussy for me’
Haters can’t see me, but them bitches still looking for me
And you could take that to the bank and deposit that
Put your two cents in, and get a dollar back
Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack
I’m all about “I”, give the rest of the vowels back
I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
Eat her til she cry, call that ‘wine and dine’
Try to check me and I’mma have ‘em checkin’ pulses
They say choose wisely, that’s why I was chosen
Rocking like asphalt, its the cash fault
Looked in the face of death and took it’s mask off
Now I like my house big and my grass soft
I like my girl face south and her ass north
But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit
Now hop up on that dick and do a full split
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Some of the best Lil Wayne lyrics are ;
1. Had a phone in jail, that’s a cellphone. –From the song FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
2. You’re with that nigga he don’t wanna see you with, tell his ass you’re on a blind date. –From the song Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up
3. Man it’s like I can’t trust nobody, I don’t even have a trust fund. –From the song Gunwalk
4. You niggas thinkin you’re fly, that flight delayed. –From the song Hold Me Back (Remix)
5. I can’t trust my iPhone, I think Siri the feds. –From the song Still Got That Rock
6. You know how the game goes, she’ll be mine by half time. –From the song Loyal
7. Two wrongs don’t make a right, three rights make a left. –From the song Trigger Finger
8. Money talks nigga, I’m caught up in that gossip. –From the song Days and Days
9. My navigation system says its death around the corner. –From the song New Slaves
10. Thank God I’m fly, I had to thank my pilot. –From the song Pure Colombia
11. You’re way to fly I could be your jet fuel. –From the song I’m Into You
12. She say I drive her crazy, I say just keep on your seatbelt. –From the song Tapout
13. They paint me as a villain I just autograph the artwork. –From the song Krazy
14. I don’t remember her name, but I remember how her pussy taste. –From the song Hail Mary
15. Monsters in my closet, no more closet space. –From the song Typa Way
16. Automatic leave ’em dead in the living room, get it? Leave ’em dead in the living room. –From the song 9 Piece
17. I would talk about my dick, but man that shit be a long story –From the song No Worries
18. White girl, black girl, I call that a referee. –From the song Bigger Than Life
19. I lost my mind, it’s somewhere out there stranded. –From the song 6 Foot 7 Foot
20. Trying to get high as me nigga, then where the fuck is your scalpel at? –From the song After That
21. I pour out my heart, have a drink. –From the song God Bless Amerika
22. I pay these niggas with a reality check. –From the song John (If I Die Today)
23. I’ve been fly so long I fell asleep on the fuckin plane. –From the song Right Above It
24. Picture me broke but forgot to take the top off the lens –From the song D’usse
25. Well they say time is of the essence but what if their clock is wrong? –From the song Fire Flame (Remix)
26. Fuck 007 I work 24/7, I ain’t got time to bond with no bitch.-From the song Grindin’
27. Please don’t change the climate coz I’m sleeping with the enemy in bullet-proof pajamas. –From the song No Motive
28. Hollow tips nigga, tip a nigga like a dancer. –From the song Bottles And Rocking J’s
29. I’m fly like a zipper. –From the song Zip It
30. All I had to do was put two and two together, but that just makes four, but not forever. –From the song How To Hate
31. I can’t stand these niggas, Imma lie down or sit still. –From the song We Alright
32. Then I give that hoe the boot, hold up let me put my foot in. –From the song Wowzers
33. She said she’s waiting for the Carter 69. –From the song Marvin’s Room
34. I played my cards right and your girlfriend dealt with me.- From the song Have It Your Way
35. All this hating drives me crazy, take the key out tha ignition. –From the song Don’t Kill
36. But it’s like soon as I cum, I come to my senses. –From the song Bitches Love Me (Good Kush N Alcohol)
37. Don’t judge a book by its cover, start skimming it you bitch. –From the song Think I’m Lyin
38. These hoes think they’re classy, well that’s the class I’m skippin. –From the song Scream And Shout (Remix)
39. It was me, myself and I and her we had ourselves a foursome. –From the song Last Night
40. Get it cracking like a egg shell in this muthafucka make omelettes. –From the song Thug Cry
41. Hi my name is Tune, it’s nice to eat ya. –From the song Devastation
42. When opportunity knock, I ran out the back door, shit I thought it was the cops, damn. –From the song We Outchea
43. Got a silencer on the gun but them bullets still speaking. –From the song Dark Shades
44. Got a question for molly, do you remember our first kiss? –From the song We Been On
45. Drop-dead gorgeous but the bitch ain’t dying for a nigga. –From the song Believe Me
46. Got myself a brand new triple beam, just to weigh options. –From the song Gotti
47. I’m hard as steel, she wet, make it rust. –From the song Lover
48. Arthritis in my hand from writing but I’m a doctor, they don’t understand my writing. –From the song Dr. Carter
49. Can’t pack no gun so I keep a knife, like that fuckin Chucky doll. –From the song 60 Racks (Remix)
50. Niggas feed these bitches lies, nigga don’t food poison my hoe. –From the song UOENO
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Here are 23 facts you probably didn’t know about Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne has lived an action-packed life, and he’s only 31. But for every fact you know about Weezy, there are five things you don’t know about the New Orleans-bred rapper. Yeah, he shot himself, but with whose gun? Sure, he lost his virginity early, but how? He called himself Shrimp Daddy early on, but why?
I dug through videos, interviews and old magazine scans to dig up some little-known information on Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. If you’re a Wayne fan, this stuff is gold. And if you’re not, well, maybe you will be after you read this.
1. Wayne first went by the name Shrimp Daddy.
His initial rap name was inspired by New Orleans bounce rapper Pimp Daddy, who had a hit single called ‘Gots Ta Be Real’ in the early-to-mid ’90s.
2. The rapper met Birdman on Friday, May 13, 1993.
According to his very first cover story in Blaze Magazine from 2000, Lil’ Slim, then a Cash Money artist, first heard Wayne when he was 9. He promised to get the kid a record deal with CM, but Wayne balked until coming to a Cash Money autograph session and spitting for Birdman and Slim right there in person. Other accounts, however, claim Wayne left a barrage of freestyles on Baby’s answering machine, prompting the Cash Money owners to sign the kid. Wayne has never corroborated that story, though, and in the video below, you can hear Weezy explain how he called Cash Money all the time after meeting Baby at the autograph session.
3. His first album was released when he was 11 years old.
The album was ‘True Story’ and it was by the B.G.’z, a group consisting of Lil Wayne, then known as Baby D, and B.G., who went by Lil’ Doogie.
4. The Young Money leader started carrying a gun when he was also 11. It was a .32 Derringer, and the bullets cost a quarter each.
5. Wayne was about to join Boyz N Da Hood in 2005.
In 2005, it was rumored he was replacing Young Jeezy in the group, and T.I. was even supposed to join Wayne. A year later, in an interview with Vibe, Wayne said the group would have been akin to a “Southern Wu-Tang,” but Jeezy left and T.I. decided against it, so the group never formed.
6. From 1997 to 2012, Wayne recorded at least 597 guest features.
This stat, taken from a Lil Wayne message board that compiled every feature into a chronological spreadsheet, is probably lower than the actual figure.
7. He once pulled a cleaver knife on his mother’s second husband, Terry. He didn’t end up using the knife, and Terry split soon after.
8. When he was 12, Wayne shot himself in the chest with his stepfather’s gun.
His stepfather Rabbit let Wayne play with his .44 Taurus Magnum, and one day, he accidentally shot himself while playing with the gun. He was on life support for two weeks.
9. He says getting shot is the reason he writes.
The bullet was two inches away from his heart, and surviving the gun shot wound changed his life.
10. Wayne’s mom didn’t like Birdman and Slim when Wayne signed to Cash Money. She had gone to school with Slim and knew Birdman had spent five years in jail.
11. Around 2003, Wayne dissed both 50 Cent and Nas.
When Vibe asked him about it, Wayne responded – “Uh, yeah…I was wildin’ that night.”
12. Prior to ‘Tha Carter III,’ Wayne’s label didn’t like his prolific run of guest appearances.
He relayed to Rolling Stone what his relationship with the label, Universal, was like at the time: “I said, ‘You never assign motherfuckers to my project. You’re not going to treat me like your biggest artist, I must sell myself. If every artist has a thing, my thing is going to be my fucking talent. That’s the rarity. My niche, that you’re going to sell for me, is that he’s the talentedest nigga ever. It’s not my face, not what I wear. You’re going to sell that this nigga is great every time. Every song that comes through for clearance, you clear that motherfucker. Every mixtape you hear about, you shut up.'”
13. Wayne’s stepfather Rabbit put up $700 for Mannie Fresh to record his first demo. Upon forking out the loan, Rabbit told Wayne, “If this shit don’t work, I need my $700 back.”
14. The ‘A Milli’ rapper has never worked a day job.
Besides an unpaid gig at a summer camp, he’s never punched a clock.
15. The last time he wrote down any rhymes was in 2002.
It was on the SQ7 mixtape, also known simply as ‘10,000 Bars.’ In the recordings, you can hear him flipping pages as he reads from a notebook. From then on, he recorded verses without writing them down.
16. His grandmother nicknamed him Tune when he was young.
17. At 14, Wayne’s mom pulled him out of school.
She saw him putting a gun in his backpack and decided enough was enough.
18. Lauren London and Nivea were both pregnant by Weezy at the same time.
Toya Wright and Sarah Vivan also have little Lil Waynes. Hence the line “four baby mamas, no baby mama drama” on the ‘No Lie’ remix.
19. He lost his virginity at age 11.
In some accounts, he was playing “Win, Lose or Draw” and a 13-year-old girl wrote “Fuck me” on the board. Other accounts, like the one below, put it a little… differently.
20. He had his first child, Reginae, at 16.
His girlfriend was 14 at the time.
21. Reginae is named after Wayne’s stepfather, Rabbit.
Wayne considers Rabbit to be his “real” father, as he raised him after his biological dad skipped town. His real name is Reginald.
22. Jay-Z first threw shots at Wayne on T.I.’s ‘Watch What You Say’ in 2007.
After Wayne addressed Jigga in a ’07 issue of Complex (“It’s not your house anymore and I’m better than you”), Jay took the bait and fired off some not-so subliminals. Wayne answered on Freekey Zekey’s ‘Beat Without Bass’ — “You old-ass rappers better stay on tour. You’re like 44, I got a .44, I’m 24. I could murk you and come home when I’m 44.”
23. In July of 2007, Lil Wayne performed his first ever solo show at Beacon Theater in New York City.
After the show in New York City, police raided his tour bus and arrested him for possession of an unlicensed handgun. Three years later, he went to prison at Rikers Island for that charge.
The only thing that I am writing down in my will as of now is that at my funeral I want them to play the song ‘Right Above It’.
I can hear the chorus playing in my head right now ;
“Now tell me how you love it
You know you at the top when only heaven’s right above it
We onnn
It’s Young Money motherfucker
If you ain’t runnin’ with it, run from it motherfucker
Now somebody show some money in this bitch
And I got my B’s with me like some honey in this bitch, ya dig?
I got my gun in my boo purse
And I don’t bust back because I shoot first”
As you can see in the screenshot below, I’m lacking quite a huge number of Tunechi’s tracks but I’m working on fixing that asap.
Happy New 2015 people and thanks for helping me attain 150,000 views. My ultimate target is to reach a million views. I will finally be able to proudly rap, ‘A milli a milli a milli a milli a mi a mi a milli’ as I crank up Lil Wayne’s track ‘A Milli’.
Lil Tune has managed yo stay relevant in the music industry since 1996 (‘The Hot Boys’ days). It’s more than amazing since those are 19 years of dominating the rap game. The photo below shows how Lil Wayne is the one and only true definition of music. He is a pure artist who doesn’t write his lyrics down but instead spits whatever comes to his mind. The tattoo that he has which says ‘I Am Music’ is more than enough confirmation of that fact. Weezy is a legend. He is tha greatest rapper alive.
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Let me sign off by shouting YOUNG MULLAH BAIBE !!! with the same zeal (energy) that Lil Wayne has in the song ‘Take It To The Head.’

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